The late ascension of beauty

Maybe it is just me, but when I saw in the fashion section of the Luminato festival an exhibit called The Ascension of beauty my expectations flied pretty high. I might be because I love fashion, fashion photography, fashion journalism, and everything about this world, or just because I didn’t do my homework and read what it was about.
I was still with in mind at  last year’s exquisite exhibit The art of visionary beauty by Raphael Mazzucco that simply blew me away – please read my article and see the pictures about it on my blog section Living Toronto.
That was such an inspirational moment, one of those days in your life when you don’t see anything coming, and then the beauty hits you right in the head. Sometimes happens with a child smiling at you in the streetcar, or with the sunset coming back home from work.
Mazzucco showed me that beauty is not a perfect picture, but if this picture has  what you clearly don’t expect -  dirt of sand and paint – can be simply breath taking.
Probably I didn’t have my mind open enough when I went to the Brookfield Place to see The Ascension of beauty by Canadian-born Mark Fast. My mistake is often to compare art, when art is really an unique thing.

Anyway I was pretty disappointed when I got there. A mannequin with a red dress – a pretty amazing red dress! – was on a white pedestal, while rope went from the body to the high ceiling of the gallery. In my disappointment I took some pictures with my phone, and only later during the day, when I saw those pictures again, I really enjoyed that ascension of beauty. I saw it, even if a little late.

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