G20 fashion statement: ready to dress up!


With all the trouble that the city of Toronto is facing right now – earthquake, terrorism alert, G20, police everywhere, fake lake, the risk of serious damages, …and counting – the only thing that can keep us alive in the city is probably something very silly.
Good thing that fashion during the G20 is everything beside silly!

If you are stuck in the GTA, why not use the time to have some fun?
After all the G20 is a big event, and as reporter I know I will find myself able to enjoy it… in my own way.
Eyes and cameras from all over the world will be on the streets of Toronto, plus all the closed-circuit cameras that police have installed on nearly every corner of the core… time to dress up!!!

At first I was a little confused when I read that the newspaper was giving advices about what to wear during the G20 weekend. But actually they are genius!
Looks like the Toronto police have some suggestions: “Dress down, wear your protester-type clothes and leave your suits and pumps at home. The idea is to look, feel, smell just like a protester” (see the Toronto Star G20 survival guide).
What? Wait a minute, I don’t want to look like a protester! I don’t think it is smart to run the risk of being tear gassed, or being paint bombed, or find out how those sound cannons really work!
So I try with the RCMP, to find out what they say : “Don’t go. That’s how you should dress.”
A little generic, don’t you think?

This might be the last time a summit of this size ever comes to the city where I live, and I really want to be ready.
So I Google “G20 fashion” and I laugh seeing that how all the options that Google offers me are about Michelle Obama!!! I guess she knows better then me what you need to wear in these occasions!

I don’t give up, and I get to the conclusion that wearing something comfortable, comfortable shoes, light material is probably the best. Keep an eye on the weather to see if I will need a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Reading more I understand that even earplugs and a gas mask can be a good idea, and of course a camera, reason why I’m doing all this!!!
I could actually leave my loved blackberry home, since the cellphone’s signal might be jammed by federal authorities at any point during the summit – for security reasons they say – but I can’t take the chance to be “on the news” and not to be able to share it with the rest of the world!!!!

Katie Daubs from Toronto Star on June 23 gives me some very good points: “If you’re the rabble-rousing, tear-gas-loving type who won’t be held back by mere warnings, synthetic fabrics are your best bet since tear gas sticks to natural fibers. Bandanas soaked in vinegar are a snazzy, yet functional accessory if you don’t have a gas mask handy when noxious fumes fly. A helmet is also a good idea if you anticipate being close to the fence, where projectiles are more likely to rain from the sky”.
I’ll pass on the helmet, but I decide to stick with the black, on top of all because I love it.
At the end of the day a fashion statement is worthy the risk of being paint bombed and teargassed. So I don’t care if black is the color of militant protesters who hang out near the fence, it is also slimming, and I find out that black clothing, bandanas and scarves could attract police attention, but lots of peaceful protestors wear them in solidarity, so people shouldn’t shy away from it.

Don’t forget the accessories, lip glos, nail polish… and you are ready to smile!!!!

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One response to “G20 fashion statement: ready to dress up!”

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    Fashion is nothing but highlighting the best and hiding all the flaws.

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