I love my Blackberry

I used to say that the cell phone is just to make calls, and when the first phones with camera came out I was the first to say they were totally useless.
Nothing could be more wrong than that!

Look at me now, blogging from my Blackberry, checking email, twitting and facebooking it doesn’t matter where I am. Sometimes I wish I could get the signal even in the subway!

I mean, I’m a reporter, and I spend most of my day at the computer anyway, but I have to admit my life changed with my Blackberry.
It makes everything much easier: you know, how annoying it is to wait to be able to use the computer to check Facebook or to get to the office to find out if you finally got that email? No more of that now, you have all your life with you, like it’s supposed to be.

Think about it, what’s the point to get in contact with your best friend from elementary school, follow on Twitter your favorite fashion designer and subscribe to Vogue tv if you can not get connected when you want to?

Even more if you spend all day at the computer, the last thing you want to do when you come back home is to turn on your laptop. Not problem anymore, it’s all in your hands! Finally! And in a way that you couldn’t even imagine. Friends, emails, news, video, movies, blogs!

Please, don’t even try to tell me that the iPhone is better than the Blackberry!!! Even if I have to admit the iPhone has all the above, it misses something very important, which is what took me to get the Blaclkberry: style!

The iPhone looks like a toy for teenagers, videogame to keep the kids busy!

No doubts, the Blackberry is more professional, for adults I should say, and it looks great, which is very important for something you are gonna look at hundreds times every day. That makes it the best accessory you can have. Now I wouldn’t really know what to do without it, and I know out there there are a lot of you that think so well.

And don’t forget you can change the case to match what you are wearing!!!©

(also read Challenge: tell me the things you are)

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7 responses to “I love my Blackberry”

  1. Allan says :

    I will stick with my touch screen those keys on the blackberry are made for a child’s hands. As well I like having a phone with games which keep me entertained while on the subway.

    • elenasc says :

      Allan, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, I guess my hands are pretty small, that’s why I’m able to type fast and text my husband beside me in the streetcar to remind him I’m there, since he’s wasting his time playing with his phone!
      You never know, maybe one day he will learn how to use his phone – beside the games I mean – and he will text me back! Because that’s the reason why some people like touch phones…. no brain needed! My husband will agreed with you! :P

  2. Barbara says :

    I got my Blackberry in July… always thought a phone was just a phone… OMG! What a world it opens up! I agree, I’m always wanting a signal, ha ha… it’s the best!

  3. lostbutf0und says :

    I sooooo agree, I even agreed before reading your post. Which I must say, I loved! Almost as much as I love my Blackberry.

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