Federer-Nadal, it’s not a final in “pink”

Sweet or salty? Day or night? Federer or Nadal?

If I was still on the market I would probably use these three questions to understand a guys personality before deciding whether or not to date him. I know it sounds really superficial, but the reality is that these two tennis players are so different that if you love one you cannot love the other.

So here we are again, after so many matches and years still debating about them.
Like The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

It could have been a Rogers Cup final in “pink”, since Nike, sponsor of both tennis players, dresssed the two champions with this colour, even if with a very different nuance…. almost like to remark their personality.

After the Rogers Cup final, where Andy Murray won his second title, the first in 2010, Roger Federer told the journalists that he’s planning to wear pink also at Cincinnati and to change for the U.S. Open.
“Then – he said- I won’t be waering pink at least until next year”.

And I have to admit that I changed my mind during this canadian tennis week, and if I really have to vote I vote for the Swiss.
What about you? Who is your man and why?

I grew up with Sampras and Agassi, and that’s was MY question to guys, but I did’t get tired of it.

With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal Instead, to be honest, I can’t wait to see who is coming next.

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2 responses to “Federer-Nadal, it’s not a final in “pink””

  1. A. says :

    Agassi 4ever!!!!

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