Vogue dolls anyone?

Miniature Anna and Grace: Vogue Dolls by Andrew Yang

DollsIt’s maybe because I saw The September Issue and I just fell in love with it, but I just think these two women – Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington – are fabulous. Yes, I wish I could be like them – in my own way – and do something that I love and I’m so passionate for, just like them. And more important, do it excellent!

Like most of the women that saw the movie, I told myself “That’s what I want to do, I want to be Vogue Editor!”, and reading this article was fun because I was thinking about a doll of myself!!!
Yeah, anyway, here is the story:

Most fashionistas progress directly from playing with dolls to sticking pins in them, but even the cattiest divas won’t mess with Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. To celebrate Fashion’s Night Out on Sept. 10, Barneys New York commissioned the Brooklyn-based artist Andrew Yang to make these one-of-kind, hand-sewn, hand-painted rag-doll replicas of the celebrated Vogue editors. Strictly couture (bien sur!), the duo took two weeks to make.
“I had to special-order Anna’s wig and cut it myself to get the bob right,” Mr. Yang says. “And Grace’s hair was the right color, but it needed a perm.” Alas, the question on everyone’s lips – What are they wearing? – has a disappointingly democratic answer. “The outfits are my own take on their signature looks,” he says. “It would have been unfair to single out specific designers.
”Anna and Grace will be auctioned off on charitybuzz.com beginning August 31, with the proceeds benefiting The New York City Aids Fund.

From tmagazine.blogs.nytimes.com

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4 responses to “Vogue dolls anyone?”

  1. anwa says :

    Am I the only one who’s surprised that the Anna doll doesn’t have sunglasses?

  2. bagnidilucca says :

    I loved the movie and I love the dolls!!!

  3. leashieloo says :

    I saw the movie too! While I’m still unsure who the “real” Anna is, I think I’ve come to the conclusion she’s a complex individual who is too blunt and therefore rubs people the wrong way. If she was a man, everyone would think she’s a good businessman.

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