Fashion 3D – September issue of Vogue Italia

Step towards the future: the magazine becomes real in the hands its readers.

It’s a very special September issue for Vogue Italia, so special that people will need to put on 3D glasses to see models come to life.
However this idea was first used by Vogue Mexico, that in April 2010 presented a 3D spread with Isabeli Fontana photographed by Jacques Dequeker.

Now, after the controversial fashion spread on the August issue, Vogue Italia feature Miranda Kerr portrayed by Steven Meisel. And there are already a lot of questions marks.
Regardless of our point of view, Vogue editors seam to look at what the future can bring them. Just few days ago, in occasion of the September issue of Vogue America,  the queen bee Vogue editor Anna Wintour, talked about the economic crisis and the future of fashion magazines.
Like Derick Chetty wrote on the Toronto Star:

“Fashion blogs and style websites sprouted like weeds, and suddenly, readers had a voracious appetite for the unseasoned, provocative and amusing new voices. Now fashion magazines, with their long lead times, are scrambling to cling to their position as the authoritative voice of the industry.
Blogs, for all their web hits and burgeoning influence, are as barren as Siberia when it comes to commanding advertising dollars. Fashion houses are attuned to their influence, however, courting bloggers with free products, front-row seats at runway shows and a steady stream of behind-the-scenes access once reserved for powerful editors”.

But Anna doesn’t look too worried, and simply says that:

“Like any evolution in the industry, they force you to become better at what you do. Vogue’s in-depth articles and beautiful fashion stories, along with coverage of the arts with a fashion context is not something that exists in the same way on blogs. They force us to dig deeper for stories but we’re not competitors”.

Different the Avatar – approach of Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia. She said that this 3D adventure started form a simple question: “Why noy?”. It wasn’t fair keeping the fashion world outside the 3D, that today touches videogames, movies, TV, and much more will do.

Let’s see how long before the next Vogue move to the future!

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4 responses to “Fashion 3D – September issue of Vogue Italia”

  1. bagnidilucca says :

    I will be in Italy soon and will buy this one. That is Miranda Kerr on the cover. She wore a dress of mine for a fashion shoot many years ago when she was a young model in Brisbane.

  2. flaxentawny says :

    Love this.. So true what Anna Wintour says.. We still need the big voices and the tangibility of these beautiful magazines. These magazines are part of our inspiration!

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