Much more than a wedding gown

It’s not my fault if my wedding dress is gorgeous and I wish I could wear it every day!

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Ok people, I need help!

I could actually tell you everything about me not wanting to get married because of issues with everything it’s suppose to be forever, and of course I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up dreaming about the wedding day and my prince coming to rescue me from a life of loneliness.

But, I guess, everything changes when you meet THE person for you, an in front of that smile and that ring – the ring was totally unimportant, especially because he forgot to open the little box!!! – I had to say “Yes”!!!

I found myself in a very weird and unexpected situation, planning a wedding without knowing anything about it. Plus I was in a country that wasn’t mine, without my family that was supposed to help me and share with me the whole experience. But I remember looking myself in the mirror and saying “I’m gonna have fun with this”, and it happened!

The best of all, of course it was looking for my wedding gown!
Trying on wedding dresses became my sweetest dream. Unfortunately I was “lucky” enough to find my perfect dress on my second appointment…. so my research ended way too early for my liking.  – That could be another story: “How I stole a wedding gown from somebody else’s fitting room and made it mine!”

Anyway, to make a loooong story short, I had the most wonderful wedding with the most wonderful dress – and yes, with the greatest man on this plant (I have to say this because he’s very jealous of my dress), and even if it’s supposed to be only one day, I still refuse, after 3 months, to give it up and let it go!

And here we have the drama.
«I paid for my dress, why can’t I wear it again????».
Every day… well, almost every day – it’s actually every day but I hide it!!! – I think about my dress and I wish I could wear it again. For space reasons I had to store it underneath my bed…. so I could actually…. I mean, it’s right there!!! Why can’t I wear it???

The worst is always on Friday, when I watch Say yes to the dress, and I just want to wear it!

Does that happen to you as well??? Please tell me I’m not crazy!

But I’m actually proud to say that I never touched it after the wedding.
Only once I had to take a peek… it was so wonderful and it made me feel great! My husband says that if I wear it again it’s not going to be a special dress anymore, but I totally disagree! It would make me so happy, and I know that at some point, a day that he’s at the gym, I will probably do it.

Please help me with this addiction!©

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18 responses to “Much more than a wedding gown”

  1. gianni Lovato says :

    For whatever is worth, her’s a suggestion from an old man.
    If it makes you feel good, by all means, do “cheat” on hubby and wear your dress while he’s at the gym.
    He might be right when he says that it will not be “special” anymore if you wear it again, but:
    A) if you only do it seldom (and surreptitiously) it will still be special to you;
    B) I hate to be too realistic, but there could be a day when you will no longer look at your dress with the same feelings as now. So why not enjoy it to the fullest while it still has that magic in it?
    Life is too short not to be lived to its fullest every day. Loving your husband AND your dress is not a sin. It’s your heart, after all, isn’t it?
    (besides, the dress is REALLY gorgeous;-)

  2. carldagostino says :

    So recently married, eh? Wish you happiness and joy. I think there are things you must do to keep it new looking over the years in storage. And if you are lucky enough to have a marriage that is loving and happy, I don’t think there is anything wrong with a “try on” from time to time over the years. My mother and father will be married 65 years on Sept. 25!

  3. chelseabug says :

    Wear it!! When I found my dress I didn’t even want to take it off in the store. I literally wanted to walk out onto the sidewalk in my wedding dress and show the world (I guess much like the way I like to show the world my wonderful fiance :) You paid for it, you took the time to steal it from someone else (which I love, by the way), and it will still be special to you whether you look at it in a box or in a full-length mirror.

  4. CrystalSpins says :

    The grandparents of a former boyfriend of mine dressed up in their wedding regalia every year for their anniversary and took photos. Maybe you can convince your fella that’s a good idea?


  5. nataliejoan says :

    I purposely bought a non-traditional wedding dress so I could wear it again. My husband was horrified that I would even suggest such a thing. Same reasoning: If you wear it again, it’s not special. I do not understand that logic! (But, eleven years later, have not waorn it again.)

  6. honeybeeluvsjackfruit says :

    Gorgeous dress, and I love the vibrant red against the white!

    I agree with Gianni, especially part b. Im a confessed “pleasure delayer” but Im realixing that sometimes when you wait or hold off on something, you lost the fun you might have had!! Go ahead and be happy while you can. Maybe you can wear it on your 6 month or 1 year anniversary and plan something fun with hubby (at home). Or just try it on now, whats to lose? :)

  7. poeticruse says :

    Stumbling through your blog, I found this post from a while ago, and thought you might appreciate seeing that my wife loved her wedding dress so much, and wanted to wear it again, that she took it on a wild adventure!

    Check out the photos of her getting some fun use out of the dress!

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