Family fight: how do you cut the onion?

«Dear, how are you cutting that onion?»

Now, this can sound very silly or very familiar…. It’s depend from your gender, your familiarity with the kitchen – meaning actually cooking, with real vegetables and stuff, no microwave – and how much you pay attention to details.

I grew up watching people cooking… people that all use to cut vegetables in the same way, and I took their method.
That’s why, the very first time I saw my husband cutting an onion, I started laughing asking “What the hell are you doing??”.

For me, he just cuts the onion in the wrong way, as well as watermelon and… I’m sure there is something else….

However, I am a very self-critical, and after laughing at him – first to his face, and hiding later – I started wondering if I really was right.
I’m pretty much sure I saw chefs on TV doing it MY WAY…. but I really would like to hear from you.

I’ll be fair, I won’t tell which is my way, so you can’t vote against or for me!

Onion cutting technique #1: cut the onion down the centre vertically

Onion cutting technique #2: cut the ends off, and cut the onion across horizontally

Please stop this family fight! Vote leaving a comment below… fingers crossed!

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17 responses to “Family fight: how do you cut the onion?”

  1. Debra Kolkka says :

    I cut the ends off then cut horizontally.

    • Moniba says :

      me too… actually it depends on what i’m gonna cook. If i have to fry the onion then i use the 2nd tecnique. But if i have to use it in a salad or as a garnishing…i cut it in circles, it looks pretty that way.

  2. Jeff says :

    Uh, wouldn’t this depend on what you want out of the onion? If you want rings, strips, or dice… I personally usually go with #2 (I usually want my onions diced).

  3. dseibel says :

    You’re both wrong. Leave the root end intact, cut off the stem. Then cut in half by going through the middle of the root end a la method #2. This will help keep the onion’s layers from separating while you cut it.

  4. Sera says :

    I go with #2.
    That’s how I do it.

  5. gianni Lovato says :

    Usually I hang the buggers in front of the pantry door and throw knives at them.
    Most of the time, after about a dozen blades, they are just perfect for risotto alla Milanese.
    Kidding aside: two cuts at top & bottom, one cut down the middle, ends & outer layers in compost bin. Then each half gets cut according to what is the desired result. Slices = just parallel cuts; minced = further cuts perpendicular to the first cuts.
    Chiaro, no?

  6. Grazer says :

    Kinda depends on what you wanna do with the onion. If you wanna cut it into dices you’re better off keeping the root until the end imo. Backed up by these professionals:

    As for slices, I don’t know.

    At the end of the day though I think the technique really doesn’t matter unless you’re in the business and have to prepare meals for 100+ people a day. Just use what works best for you and don’t laugh at people who are doing it differently.

  7. peterpolykrenopolis says :

    cut off the ends.
    slice in half starting @ the ends not the the middle.
    slice the actual grooves in the angle they are made (will look like wedges – big on the outside/small in the middle).
    to dice: cut exact opposite way those were cut and stir around to separate them.

  8. stefafra says :

    Usually I leave the root end intact, like Dseibel suggests, cut of the stem end, peel, then it depends on what I want to do with it. For rings you need to go across the rings…for other things I go for #2. But as long as you get what you need at the end without damage to your fingers, or to the knife, use whatever works for you.
    And use a sharp knife.

  9. Barbara says :

    I usually follow #2, but I just got done cutting a large onion for a big pot of spaghetti… and I cut off one end then sliced in each direction and then cut off slices, making each slice precut diced pieces… Too funny!

  10. Catherine says :

    I agree with Jeff – depends on what kind of onion chunks you want in the end. Isn’t there a way to cut it that reduces your likelihood of crying like a baby? That’s the one I’d pursue!

  11. Elizabeth says :

    I buy my onions already diced in little tubs in the produce section. Hubby doesn’t like them so we don’t have need for a whole onion. I just manage to sneak a few in here and there. :)

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