The power of blogging

I’m new in this world of posts, bloggers and sharing experiences with the rest of the world.

I started my blog 3 months ago, after years of struggle for mental stimulation and the opportunity to express myself through writing. It’s not easy, sometimes writing can be painful, but can also set you free.

However, the idea of blogging wasn’t what I was looking for. I used to feel my writing as something so personal that I wasn’t open to share it with everybody, like those little girls who dream about becoming singers and then are afraid to step on the stage.

When I finally found “my dream job”, where I was able to write and do something I am good at, everything changed. After years of lots of other jobs, wishing for the big occasion, somebody gave me that chance and then they didn’t let me go. Because I was good…I am good!

I still remember an ex boyfriend telling me: «You know, it’s time for you to understand you will never be a journalist». I was 24.

Wonderful to know I now have beside me a person who loves me, believes in me and understands how important writing is for me. This blog was his idea, right in a moment I was looking for a way to improve my English writing. His suggestion made me think, and then I did it. Why not!

I have to say, it’s a wonderful experience. Although I always wish I had more time to write and be part of this new world of bloggers, I find the feeling of blogging really touching. I’m talking about the power of sharing which I did not know before, I did not know how powerful it can be.

This is probably one of the most personal posts I have written on my blog – since I’m actually talking about myself – but I learned it doesn’t matter which side of yourself you are willing to share, people will understand, in part because they are like you. They are just people, who write and read, who live and struggle, smile and cry just like you do.

So it doesn’t really matter if you post is a simple recipe, a link to news, or a thought that it was on your mind for long time and you are finally willing to let it free. When somebody writes to you “Thank you for sharing this” it’s the best feeling!

All the love that I got from people after posting Italian food stereotypes, no grazie really told me how powerful a post can be. Especially considering I am nobody, I just wrote what interested me like I write hundreds of other things. That post went all around the world!

Everybody can get that experience, everybody can be on top of the world. That’s the power of blogging.

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25 responses to “The power of blogging”

  1. Circe says :

    This is a wonderful entry. I hesitated to start blogging, but now I love it, and what I love the most is, as you say, being part of a group of people who feel that they can share things.

    great post

  2. Gregorio says :

    Elena, I forget how I found your blog but I thoroughly enjoy it! I am a typical American, but I enjoy learning about other cultures (and mostly their delicious foods), and I check your blog nearly every day for new posts.

    Actually, I started studying italiano six years ago for no particular reason and I have fallen in LOVE with every aspect of the language, the culture, the history and the people… especially the food.

    It’s very interesting reading how you see America and its view of Italian food culture. I live in South Philadelphia (one of the main ports for Italian emigrants, thus, LOTS of Italian-Americans) and I’m always torn in terms of what’s REALLY ‘Italian’ and what is simply Italian-Americanized. Fortunately, I’ve had many friends who have helped me, plus I have traveled a little in Italy… so thank you for writing this blog.

  3. katethegrate says :

    thanks for sharing your thoughts, elena.
    it’s sometimes too easy to be insecure about writing and letting ourselves fall in love with our passions, whatever they may be. thanks for sharing your experience with us. i am a lot like Gregorio, above. i enjoy hearing your take on American and Italian culture.

    grazie mille.

  4. Chris D. says :

    Fantastic post! I just recently started writing a article for a magazine after a long hiatus and I remembered the empowering feeling of stringing cogent sentences together that are reflection of something real and honest. Writing is certainly an activity that you need to work at to continually. Thanks for sharing, thought I’d do the same!


  5. Cheryl says :

    Hi Elena – Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yes, I do enjoy blogging, it’s hard to find the time sometime, but what I really enjoy is knowing that other people like it too!

    Your blog is great! Keep it up, I will see you in the blog world.

    Cheryl aka Arkansas Runner Girl

  6. Sunny says :

    I’m new-ish here too, and love being able to type my thoughts to share with the world. I have always loved to write since I was a teenager….many decades ago, lol ! :)

    I have one blog here and two blogs at another place.
    I really like the formatting and homepage of WP.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, as I enjoyed reading and it prompted me to comment.

  7. Barbara says :

    Enjoyed this post, more please!

  8. Debra Kolkka says :

    I am fairly new to blogging as well – and I love it! I am always delighted when I get a comment and I have found new friends all over the world. I love reading your posts – including this one. Thank you.

  9. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie) says :

    I love your exuberance and conviction. No matter how many gurus come out with step-by-step directions on how to blog “correctly,” I believe there is always another way to get out there and share yourself with the world.

    Keep it up! :)


  10. Founder of Changesational says :

    Hi Elenasc,
    Very insightful post (and true). Thanks for being apart of the comment love on my recent Freshly Pressed blog post,also.:) I really appreciated it!
    Hope you will continue to drop by and many good wishes to you for all your current endeavours and goals.

  11. Fragolina says :

    Nice post. It’s great when you can express your thoughts through writing, through creating a blog. It has a magic power, as you said. I’m new to blogging also, it’s the only thing that’s making me feel useful that im actually doing something, creating personal ideas. Unlike your blog( where you express every thought,every fear) mine is about food,which is my passion. Blogging gave me the enthusiasm to bake, to think of new recipes. I want to do more, give more, bake more, share more recipes, enjoy more baking, pro baking, but i can’t for now, i’m stuck with the minimum. hopefully things will change for the best. Thank you for this post.

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