Why everybody loves fall (???)

I don’t like cinnamon! I’m sorry, and I know with these 4 words I found myself lots of enemies.

I don’t like fall either, but I don’t dislike it completely, if it makes any sense.
I think the only issue with fall is that it comes before winter and, as Italian in Canada, winter is not exactly my favorite 6 months of the year!!!

What can I do? Not much.
So this year I decided I’m going to try to enjoy fall, in the desperate move to…. try to…. mmmh, … enjoy….ok, survive to another Canadian winter.

In fact, if I forget that for me it’s already cold enough to wear a winter jacket, there are a lot of things that I enjoy about fall.
I love:
- the trees and their colors
- tea, I like to find new kinds and be able to drink it without sweating
- soups, every kind. I just made tomato soup, and I love it!

I like:
- apple
- Thanksgiving
- homemade tomato sauce
- baked goods (well, for these last two… I’m working on it!)

I don’t like:
- rain. In some way I prefer snow, even here in Canada, because when it’s snowing is easier to get around than when it’s raining.

Well, see, it’s working! The things that I like about fall are much more that things I dislike. Fall and I are now friend, actually more than friends! I was born for this part of the year!
I should actually write books about it, to help people to understand this season, to discover themselves through fall.

Then teachers will use my method to explain kids the beauty of fall, and the whole world will love this season. There will be a fall holiday with my name, and couples will want to get married in fall, and have babies in fall,….. buy houses in fall, and everything else in fall.

It will become the busiest part of the year though, and people will become very stressed,… and sad. It will be dark early, and everybody would start to eat more, because comfort food is perfect for that.

Everything will be gray, and wet, and windy….. Wow, good thing I live in Canada and I’m sure the winter will wipe out the fall pretty soon!

Too bad, I love fall!

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13 responses to “Why everybody loves fall (???)”

  1. Britt says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    I definitely agree. I only tolerate cinnamon. I am not a cinnamon fan at all. Kinda makes fall treats difficult. :)

    I must say though, in Vancouver, it’s much easier to get around in the rain. When it snows here, the world stops. No one knows what to do or how to drive and it turns into one big cold nightmare! :)

    • elenasc says :

      I was in Vancouver – my first time – last month, just few days! It was raining and people told me it rains a lot there!!! Too bad, I really liked it, maybe I should move there. By the way, I’m gonna blog about my trip, maybe you can help me to understand better the city!

  2. allan says :

    Feel sorry for you not liking cinnamon. Mmmm cinnamon such a wonderful flavor.

    • elenasc says :

      Please, don’t feel sorry! I guess more cinnamon rolls for you then!!!

      • gianni Lovato says :

        Well…I don’t like cinnamon either. Yet I just loooove apple pie (as long as it doesn’t have too mach cinnamonanamon. Go figure!
        As an Italian expat for the past 40+ years, you know that I sympathize with you, even though I come from the foggy, rainy Northern part of Italy.
        Two days ago we had our first morning frost and it was a bag of mixd feelings.
        All in all it should be a lot easier for a young person like you to enjoy the full range of pleasures and hardships of the four seasons, than it is for an old fart.
        Yes, I too love the Fall, its colors and the bittersweet reminder that Winter will follow and then…Spring again.
        For you young people it almost never fails.
        Count your blessings.
        Godetevi la vita, metre potete.

  3. Karen says :

    I enjoy cinnamon, but do not share most people’s love of the fall season in general.

    While apple picking, fall colors, and soup (yum!) are all fine & good, I hate fall merely for the single reason that it signifies the end of summer and the inevitable arrival of winter.

    I’m in Boston, and if we could skip straight from fall to spring, I probably wouldn’t hate fall at all, but with winter thrown in there, fall is just depressing.

    • elenasc says :

      Yes! That’s exactly my problem!
      But the way, I just got new boots, not winter boots – which I really need – but HOT BOOTS – which I really couldn’t leave in the store – and that made me feel a little better!

  4. Debra Kolkka says :

    I don’t like the way some places in America (I’m not sure about Canada) put cinamon on the top of coffee – YUK! I don’t mind cinamon in appropriate places.

  5. Spaceman's Hairdo says :

    Oh, how I would love to experience fall in Vancouver. I’m so jealous.

  6. Beth says :

    haha. I guess I’m just another of those bloggers… thinking about fall :) but see in the end you and fall are friends! Fall in Colorado is a bit different then fall in Canada I would imagine. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  7. honeybeeluvsjackfruit says :

    Actually this is the first year Ive gotten into baking with pumpkin and cinnamon in the fall. I do like cinnamon but not that overwhelming type that is in store/bakery bought items, ick.

    I love fall though. The smell in the air, the leaves, and stuff. But cant tolerate winter. Im in southeast US, so its not even severe! I could NOT handle Canadian winters!!!
    Rainy days are nice, but warm rainy days :D

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