Canadian fetuses already have an online presence

Here an interesting survey about moms, kids and Internet

It seems that Canadian parents aren’t too worried about posting pictures of their kids online — even if their kids are not even born yet.

“A new survey conducted for software maker AVG found that Canadian mothers were the most likely of moms from 10 other countries to post scans of their prenatal sonograms online.

Almost 37 per cent of those surveyed had done it, compared to 34 per cent of American mothers and just 13 per cent in France.

Almost as startling, nearly 84 per cent of Canadian toddlers and babies aged two and under already have an online presence, because family members have uploaded pictures of them to websites such as Facebook and Flickr, or written about them in text on blogs or other sites. In the U.S., the number was even higher: 92 per cent.

And the average age at which a child first appears online is six months. Some Canadian babies and toddlers – nine per cent of them — even have their own email address, created for them by their parents. And eight per cent have a social network profile.

The study surveyed 2,200 mothers of kids under the age of two in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Spain.”

Interesting is to find out how Canadian moms were the least concerned about the privacy implications of posting information about their kids online, the survey found.

Canadian moms were also the most likely to post scans of their prenatal sonograms on the Internet.

Honestly, the 81% of kids who have some kind of online presence  looks like a very big percentage, but if I think about it all the people who I know post their kids’ pictures online.
Personally, I’m not sure if I would do it, probably I would, but I’m not sure how safe and right it is.

What is the most frequent reason to post your kids’ pictures on the Net?

More than 70 per cent of mothers surveyed said it was to share with friends and family. As well, 22 per cent of mothers in the U.S. said they wanted to add more content to their social network profiles, while 18 per cent said they were simply following their peers.

“It’s completely understandable why proud parents would want to upload and share images of very young children with friends and families,” AVG CEO J.R. Smith said in a news release.

“At the same time, we urge parents to think about two things: First, you are creating a digital history for a human being that will follow him or her for the rest of their life. What kind of footprint do you actually want to start for your child, and what will they think about the information you’ve uploaded in future?

“Secondly, it reinforces the need for parents to be aware of the privacy settings they have set on their social network and other profiles. Otherwise, sharing a baby’s picture and specific information may not only be shared with friends and family but with the whole online world.”

What do you think about it? Do you post your kids’ pictures online? Are you concern?

I’m not a mother yet, so I’m not sure how I would act in that situation, but I can’t wait to get your opinions!

Read the whole article: and CTV

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6 responses to “Canadian fetuses already have an online presence”

  1. Natalie Joan says :

    I don’t specifically have a problem with it, IF you are aware of your privacy settings. But so many people are not.
    Also, while I still get excited to see them, ultrasound pictures creep me out a bit. Like peeking at something we just aren’t supposed to see yet.

  2. Becky says :

    There are certainly arguments against the “online presence”, but I think they’re mostly fear-mongering. Here’s an article that shows why it’s not always a bad thing to share photos of your child:

  3. bagnidilucca says :

    Is nothing sacred?

  4. katia68 says :

    Ciao, personally I have a couple of pic of my children on my blog. I mostly share it with family and friends. My children are adults now, but if younger I would not post pics of them. Call it a “protective mother”, but at young age children need our protection at all times.

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