World Pasta Day: ready to eat!

Today is World Pasta Day, which in some way I could say it’s my favorite day of the year!

Short Pasta

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Pasta is not just the best food in the world, but it’s so important that I found out there was a World Pasta Congress held in Rome on 25th October 1995. Delegations from various countries discussed together the theme of the collective promotion in favour of pasta consumption, exchanging their ideas and experiences. Account was taken and stress was laid on the importance of spreading to the utmost the knowledge of pasta among consumers throughout the world by means of collective initiatives of promotional nature and institutional information campaigns. The countries with greatest experience in this field made available their know-how for the benefit of those countries which have only recently come to realise the virtues and merits of pasta.

The ambitious project of organising on a world-wide basis World Pasta Day on 25th October of each year, with the objective to draw the attention of the media and consumers to pasta. Every country – and I would say every person – celebrates World Pasta Day in absolute autonomy – for me is going to be cooking and eating!!! – while respecting a global strategy, and making use of the official logo of the event. The key messages, recurring in the various communication initiatives, emphasise the economic feasibility, gastronomic versatility and nutritional value of pasta.

Beside all this, I like to think about pasta – and celebrate it – in the best way I know: in my plate!

Pasta is also so fun: the best part is to pick the different shapes, colors, and flavors: there are literally hundreds of them. You know how in North America the are shelves and shelves of different kind of cereals? Well, in Italy you have the same, and more, just for pasta.

(Read here all the different kind of pasta).

Now that you know what you are making for dinner, remember that the quality of pasta is very important for you dish, and if you pick a real made in Italy pasta you can’t go wrong.

If you decide to treat yourself, your family or friends, and to go out for dinner for an authentic Italian meal, distrust from fake Italians restaurant and Italian food stereotypes (read here how) to be sure that the money you are spending are really worthy.

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3 responses to “World Pasta Day: ready to eat!”

  1. Debra Kolkka says :

    I am in Italy. I promise I will eat some pasta today.

  2. Jenna says :

    Cool! I had no idea there was a pasta day . . . I love my pasta, and experimenting with different shapes is so much fun.

  3. A. says :

    Me neither! I didn’t know there was a pasta day! For me it’s pasta day almost every day!! :P

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