I’m ashamed of my country

On my post Why I left Italy, I mentioned him because talking about ruining my country, he’s at the top of my list.

Yes, of course, Mr. B!
Just yesterday, after a new sex scandal about another underage girl, he said;

“Better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay!”.

I am so ashamed! I can’t believe this is the Prime Minister of my country!
The same person who commented the Bark Obama election said  “I’m glad for this tan president”.
The same who sue a newspaper that asked him 10 questions.
The same who was the guest of honor at a 18 years old girl’s birthday party before.
The same who fill his villa in Sardinia with “escorts” using the government plane.
The same who people vote.

I don’t get it! I am ashamed, but not from his craziness, but from Italian people! Yes, you!

There are a lot of crazy people in the world, but allowing them to govern a country for more than 10 years…. it’s much worst!

How is possible everybody’s sleeping in Italy? Don’t they care about the country? Don’t they care about their future? Their children?

We are an international joke, but that is not as much painful as see my country losing its dignity, its values and its mind.

Wake up people!!!

I wrote about Italy for dummies and it has nothing to do with my country.

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17 responses to “I’m ashamed of my country”

  1. Huyen says :

    I’m not Italian, however… We always get negative news about Italy when Berlusconi appears with escorts or young girls. But it’s not the first time nor the second… People in the Netherlands find it almost normal when he appears in the news overhere. That’s because it’s always the same story about Berlusconi… It’s not new… But in my opinion is the death penalty of the former Iraqi minsiter of Foreign Affairs (?) more important then Berlusconi. It seems that Italy don’t allow the death penalty of this gentleman who was the right hand of Sadam Hussein and Italy had said this to the European Union… That’s a really stupid action of Italy, this man is responsible for the death of thousands of people..

    Sorry for my broken English.

  2. Daniele says :

    Astonished and ashamed! I can only agree with you Elena. I live in Italy but I’m not able to understand my people anymore.

    But I don’t believe it’s stupid to be against the death penalty also when the criminal’s name is Tarek Aziz. Not for religious, philosophical or political reasons: it’s simply a practical reason. I can’t see any good reason to kill someone. No one gains anything from his death: not the victims nor their relatives or their friends or their country.
    A day is made of 24 hours, also in a prison: 8 hours to work to maintain yourself (I shouldn’t give him a glass of water for free); 8 hours to work to pay for his crime (better to maintain a young girl at school than give her an useless revenge); 8 hours to do what you want.
    But may be I’m wrong …
    Ciao and excuse me for my poor english :-)

  3. gianni Lovato says :

    Capisco la tua indignazione. La vergogna per il Paese? Bisognerebbe fare di tutta l’erba un fascio…Ooops, I’m speaking Italian…
    I understand your indignation. Being ashamed of your Country? It means that you are placing everyone in the same basket.
    Luckily, this is not quite the case. Not yet at least.
    Listen to this: perhaps you’ll realize that not quite everyone in Italy thinks that “mr. B” is OK.
    I love your writings, but we, as expatriates, must be very careful about criticizing our own Country. Even when, being away, we can see more clearly than our compatriots who have to live with the idiot as a leader.
    Ashamed of the so-called leader? Yes. Of the whole Country? Not YET.

    • elenasc says :

      You’re right Gianni, I’m just upset because I see Italian people allowing him to do all this, and I can’t believe it!
      Looks like in Italy they are not able to see what is actually happening to our country! Believe me, they don’t know, or don’t realize, or don’t want to see…
      So when I say I’m ashamed of my country I mean… I’m disappointed about my people, we are much better than that!

      • gianni Lovato says :

        Yes, we are indeed. Even us who are not there. That’s why we must …try harder.
        Believe me: I am more disappointed than you. (only because I am older??)

  4. Debra Kolkka says :

    Don’t be ashamed of Italy. It is a beautiful country full of wonderful people. Be angry with Berlusconi. Hopefully people will realise his shortcomings and he will be gone in the next election.

  5. misterkram says :

    Ciao Elena,

    Outside of Italy, Mr B is viewed as a joke – he makes the headlines for all the wrong reasons. This, in turn, reinforces those negative stereotypes that exist towards Italians.

    Yet in Italy (or I should say Sardinia, as I’ve heard it from my family), some of the population view him as being persecuted by foreign media etc. They don’t view his “indiscretions” as being wrong.

    Sadly, too much power is concentrated in too few hands.


    • elenasc says :

      Wow, it’s your family from Sardinia???? Me too!!!!
      You’re right! The problem is they do really have information! Italians don’t read newspapers and on TV – since they are all owed by Mr B. (Mr???) of course there is not info about those scandals!!!! They do not know the truth! They could find it out, but it takes effort….. I really wish they would do it!

      • misterkram says :

        Mezzo Sardo – d’Assemini :)L’alto mezzo Irlandese. Habito a Londra…

        Yes, Berlusconi’s control of the media does make a mockery of the origins of democracy.

        Italy’s system of proportional representation also doesn’t help the situation as political parties have to make “strategic” alliances in order to get into government – just look at Lega Nord.

        However, as we say in England, chin up! Things can only get better & whenever I think of Italy, it’s only positive.

  6. katia68 says :

    Well…as an Italian that left Italy for Usa at 18 then came back now at 42(for family sickness), I am sadden by how much Italy has changed!!! Its easy to critize Berlusconi without taking responsability for the way Italy is changing.He is not the first or last one to have women around( and what about those women? Are they forced…don’t think so, that’s even worse!!). At least he doesn’t lie about it like most of the other politicians they are doing the same, and more( look at the trans!). They are not any better…do we prefer the communist in our country? There is not a single politician,right now, that I respect and trust to help Italy regain dignity.There so much more to say!!

  7. A. says :

    I hate Berlusconi, too. But the tan thing was a joke, come on!!

  8. georgette jupe says :

    i feel your pain elena! I live i florence and while most of my italian friends don’t like or support berlusconi ( in fact we are going to rome to protest this weekend ) i can’t help but wonder what has kept Mr.B in power so long ( 3 terms? ) , i don’t have faith in other italia politicians but at the same time I would rather have anyone than him in power. seriously! its become a joke.. a bad joke.. it takes people to change a coutry. find a new viable leader..trust the politicias they elect to do the right thing perhaps leading by example. We have to admit there is a big culture of “furbizia” and livig in Italy for 5 years I have see it everywhere… cheating taxes , not paying for work rendered, car insurance scams, apartment rental gouging.To be “furbia” is a compliment to some people! so maybe these same people respect Mr.B for “building” his empire..i dont know. it frustrates me because I would like to see Italy proud of their leaders and be ashamed of a word like “furbia”.. thats just me..

  9. Fragolina says :

    I like your post. I’m smiling while reading it, as I think of my country, of the people here, the Lebanese who follow like sheeps the politicians who are playing with us, with our future, with our hope, with our country, who are driving Lebanon to hell and the Lebanese are still following them and voting them and go to streets whenever they tell them to… Not only ashame but sick of it.

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