The world through Italian eyes

How leaving your country changes you but not your “glasses”

It has been almost 5 years now, 5 years that changed my life but more than anything else changed me.

Leaving your country it’s never easy (here why I left Italy) but now I know that traveling and finding out anything that is new it’s my way to experience life.

Living in a country on the other side of the world changes your prospective, life’s goals, and even the way you see your own country. I have always known that the place where you were born, your family and everything around you shapes you, but I realized pretty soon after moving to Canada, that I actually see the whole world through “Italian eyes”.

Everything is filtered from my past experiences, the way I grew up, and everything I thought it was normal – but it’s not.
I have so much to learn knowing that there is never only one truth, one point of view, one side of the story. However it’s not easy sometimes get rid of these “Italian glasses” because – for the good and the bad – they are part of who I am.

From here,  I’ve decided to write about:

- things I don’t understand about Canada
Things you probably don’t know about Italy – Not the usual listy
- things I learned in Canada about Italian people (coming up)

This will be pretty much a mirror of my daily life of Italian immigrant in the XXI century. I’m sure a lots of people wear these glasses, with different flags on it.
I hope you’ll enjoy and share your own experiences and point of view.

Stay connected!

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9 responses to “The world through Italian eyes”

  1. gianni Lovato says :

    I can’t wait to compare your “glasses”, almost brand new, with mine. They are more than 40 year-old, scratched up (and it might be time to renew the prescription again).
    Excellent idea!

  2. Dario says :

    Progetto molto interessante, sono sicuro che servirà a noi anche come spunto di riflessione, ma anche come punto di partenza per eventuali dibattiti su questi argomenti.

  3. Debra Kolkka says :

    I look forward to your posts. I look at the world through Australian eyes, but I think my perceptions are changing the more time I spend in Italy. My impressions of Italy are changing with each period of time I am there. I love it , but in a different way from when I first went. I love my time in Finland, where my family is from, and feel absolutely at home there. I try not to think that one place is better than another – just different.

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