Christmas idea for him: look in the kids section

Ok people, here we are! Black Friday is here and Christmas shopping can start!

I don’t know about you, but I often have hard time to figure out what to buy in order to fill my Christmas list! However, I love to get present, and every year I remind myself that Christmas is supposed to be fun, and not stressful.

I have also noticed that the closer a person is to me, the harder it is to find a present.
Does it happen to you as well?
Maybe it’s just because I’m obsessed with finding the PERFECT present, that it doesn’t only makes the person happy, but it’s useful and makes it clear that I am the best! – Oops, that doesn’t sound good at all!

This is why my number one present, right now, has to be the one for my husband. I figured in few years of marriage it could change, but for now I do want to be his number one present as well- still doesn’t sound good!
The result to all this it’s me trying to capture everything is in his mind every time he watches something in some store, or when he comments some TV commercial – full time job from August to December!

But the other day I was hit by a brainwave: do you need the perfect present for him? Look in the kids section!
I was surfing the Internet, and I found the 20 Hot Toys for Christmas 2010. I do not have any kids, but I found few things that I could really consider to buy for my husband!

I know he would enjoy the first present on the list: the XBox Kinect. I guess it’s the new one, with no controllers. He says “Cool” every time we pass by to the store, and he seems to forget we have Nintendo Wii at home that we never use!

I know he would also have fun with the NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster “serious power is what most kids have been searching for” even if in the picture the guy that is using it is probably 17 – at least!

I skip quickly memory games, because I know they could give me hope and then break my heart. Memory is not a man skill!

However in the teen section I found lots of interesting. In his defence – and all men’s defence – I have to say that in this list there are items that can be good for adults as well.
Since he doesn’t have the possibility to buy a real one,  I know he would enjoy to play around with a Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike, or even worst with the Flybar or FlyJumpers. Good thing we don’t have a back yard.

I refuse to talk about video games. The reason is simple: the list would be too long, and  when he’s going to read my post, he will look at me upset and tell me: “You forgot Dragon Age” instead of “I am not a kid”!
That will make me smile knowing I got the PERFECT present for him!

P.S. To my husband: this is only a post! It will not be any video game for you under the Christmas tree!
If you don’t know what to get me, click here!

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5 responses to “Christmas idea for him: look in the kids section”

  1. Circe says :

    this is a great post, toys may lose their appeal quickly, but they’re still a lof of fun when you first unwrap them

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