The Christmas gift you DO NOT want

Sometime it’s hard to pick Christmas presents for people we love. Sometime it’s even harder to decide what we would like to find under the Christmas tree. But I’m sure it’s much easier to say what we really don’t want!

The Brooke has recently published research that shows everything we try to hide every single Christmas: unwanted gifts!

Think about it: how many times did you smile unwrapping bubble bath, socks or a tie? How many times you gave them to somebody just because you had to get a present? Well, you are not the only one.

The study conducted by The Brooke as part of our campaign to highlight the importance of charity gift buying, shows how:

“most people believe gifts such as candles, Belgian chocolates and scarf sets are completely thoughtless.
Nearly 27% of people will give last year’s unwanted presents to someone else this Christmas, while 40% will give them to charity. With 6 out of 10 of those polled claiming to have received up to 5 gifts last Christmas which were neither liked or wanted”

Wow! 5 unwanted gifts last Christmas? That really sounds a lot to me!
And what about recycling presents? I have to admit I did that more than once, but now I’m thinking, if I didn’t like that gift, is giving it to somebody else the right thing to do?

Also, the study shows  unwanted gifts include hot chocolate sets, jewellery, moisturizer and calendars and 60% of people stated they would rather receive nothing at all for Christmas if it means avoiding ties, address books or soap on a string!

In the list also slippers, pyjamas, joke books and photo frames – photo frames are the worst ever! -   and nearly 8 out of 10 people claim they put great thought into what they buy people for Christmas, with 28% usually including gift receipts.

Reading more you can find out the aunties have been named and shamed as the worst for giving presents (14%), closely followed by work colleagues (13%) and grandparents (9%).

One in 10 people managed to return their unwanted gifts to the shop they were bought in, while 12 per cent binned the present as they couldn’t be bothered to do anything else with it.

Now that we know all this, why bother making sure every name on our list has been checked? Let’s focus on who we really love and give to the other side of the world just a cheap but honest smile. It will be more appreciated than our “fake” present!

I spent the last 48 hours trying to remember what my worst Christmas present was, and at the end I got it!
I tend to forget things that I don not like – actually I do not forget anything, I just decide not to remember – and that was not something mice to recall.
I was young and everything I wanted for Christmas was probably a Barbie…but I got a carpet! Yes, this is not one of my English writing mistake, I got a carpet: a floor covering made from thick woven fabric, for my tiny bedroom that would have rather to fill with Barbie’s stuff. It was grey and red… not even colorful or happy. I remember thanking the person and thinking “Great!”.
Yeah, that just wasn’t right!

And what was the worst thing I got for somebody? Lots and lots of photo frames. I’m terrible!

What about you? What is the worst Christmas present you got?

If you need a present for him, read: Christmas idea for him: look in the kids section

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7 responses to “The Christmas gift you DO NOT want”

  1. Angela says :

    I think the lamest gift I ever got was a big wooden “A”, because my name is Angela. I assume it was supposed to be a decoration or something, but I never found any use for it.

  2. Fragolina says :

    Well, my worst gifts are the jewellery, I got one broche last year from a collegue, and I never wear it coz I dont like to wear jewellery, except on occasions (weddings, anniversaries)… But when I get a present from a member of my family, its always something I love and use coz they know what I like, and need.

  3. georgette says :

    i think the worst gift I ever recieved was a recycled gift that I got a previous year from the same person.. weird

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