Culurgiones Recipe – Ricetta dei Culurgiones (from Sardinia – Italy)

This recipe is very special for me because it’s my favourite dish and because this traditional recipe remained unchanged over the centuries.

(Leggi sotto la ricetta in italiano)

The culurgione is a filled hand made pasta, from Sardinia, Italy.

The typical product is guaranteed by the research of the ingredients, particularly flour, cheese, potatoes and mint, all strictly local.

My family Recipe

Dough ingredients:
250 gr. semolina
250 gr. white flour all purpose
3 tbs extra olive oil
1 ts salt
warm water as you need

Filling ingredients:
4 medium gold potato
50 gr. brine fresh sheep cheese
50 gr. pecorino cheese
fresh mint
4 tbs extra olive oil
1 clove chopped garlic

Mix together  semolina, flour, olive oil and salt, and slowly warm water until have a elastic and no sticky dough. Leave the pasta cover for 30 minutes.

Boil the potato in salt water, peel and mashed them. Add the cheese, fresh mint, garlic and the olive oil. Mix and add salt if needed. Leave the filling to rest for 60 minutes.

Roll the dough flat and cut disks 8 cm in diameter. Put the filling in the centre and fold it closing the dough edge pinching with the fingers.

Boil them in salt water until tender.

The best way to enjoy culurgiones is with a fresh tomato sauce with onion and basil, or a nice light ragù.

You can also freeze the uncooked culurgiones and cook them when you like put them in boil water without defrost them.


Ricetta dei culurgiones sardi

Ingredienti per la pasta:
250 gr. di semola,
250 gr. di farina 00,
3 cucchiai di olio d’oliva,
1 cucchiaino di sale fino
acqua tiepida;

Ingredienti per il ripieno:
4 patate medie,
50 gr.di formaggio fresco di pecora in salamoia
50 gr. di pecorino grattugiato,
menta fresca,
4 cucchiai d’olio d’oliva,
1 spicchio d’aglio.

Per la pasta: unire la semola, la farina, l’olio, il sale e unire, poco alla volta, l’acqua sino a formare un impasto compatto ed elastico.Farlo riposare per 30 minuti.

Per il ripieno: schiacciare le patate e unire gli altri ingredienti; lasciar riposare il ripieno per circa 60 minuti.

Stendere la pasta e ricavarne dei dischi di 8 cm. di diametro.Sistemare una grossa noce di ripieno in ogni disco e chiudere la pasta pizzicandola lungo i bordi.

Cuocere in acqua salata per pochi minuti. Condire con sugo di polodoro e basilico o ragù.

I culurgiones crudi possono anche essere congelati.

Buon appetito!

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7 responses to “Culurgiones Recipe – Ricetta dei Culurgiones (from Sardinia – Italy)”

  1. bagnidilucca says :

    What delightful little parcels.

  2. A. says :

    Buoni buoni!

  3. Fragolina says :

    Sembra buonissima, mi piaciono le paste con la salsa rossa.

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