When you blog in a language that is not yours

I am struggling between my need to express myself and a language – English – that I don’t know

I’m not sure if you can “own” a language, or if it’s the language that “owns” us.

I started my blog six months ago, and I actually love it. I love the power of blogging and getting feedback from my readers.
However I am struggling.
English is not my first language, and I have never had the chance to attend a writing class – it’s of course on my to do list. But it’s not easy. I work until 8pm six days at week, for a pay check that pays rent and grocery. I think most people can understand.

Writing has always been part of me even before my birth. My grandmother was a strong feminist who didn’t feel ashamed to write about her mother wearing man’s clothes to be able to attend simple house parties. She has always written, as well as my Mum.

I started writing very early, and I have never stopped.
In my childhood my writing skills were reason of pride for me and my family, in my teens it was a way to express myself and go through difficult moments. Eventually I’ve also learned to express myself in different ways loving life again, but my first love will always be writing.

Sometimes writing is a need.

My decision to start a blog was connected to the decision to write in English. First because this is the language of the place where I live now, second because I really want to get better.

I presented my “naked” posts to the world knowing they were weak and I need to work hard.

In these six months I’ve had very nice response, lots of nice and kind comments. Feedback from people makes me much happier than big numbers in my site stats, but I can feel there is something wrong.

I just wish I was able to write as good as I write in Italian. I wish I could be able to use the language and shape it following my thoughts. I know what I can do, and now that I opened myself to the world I feel the pressure to do better.
I think my readers deserve it, and I know I have to give 100%. It’s not only for the readers, it’s for me.

But again, English is not my first language. I do not have the knowledge that I need. So maybe my 100% is just not enough! Maybe I’m just not able to write a blog in English.

Despite the fact that I don’t have lots of free time, I can really say I put a lot of work on my posts. It’s hard, but I enjoy it.
I can honestly say I do my best, but I do make lots of mistakes, mistakes that I don’t even see.

I’m aware of this. Sometimes I just want to quit.
I know there are people who clearly think my blog is poorly written and not enjoyable. It’s understandable: while surfing the Net, people want to read interesting topics and not deal with spelling and grammar mistakes.

So now, I am here, talking to you. It would be great to understand what you really and honestly think. I won’t get offended.
I don’t want to give up, but the purposes of my blog enjoying writing and make others enjoy what I write.

There is no enjoyment if I spend my time worried about the mistakes I do not see, and what the world is going to think about me.

Imagine being a chef, cooking is you passion. But when you have to cook for others you are not able to boil an egg.
What would you do?

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84 responses to “When you blog in a language that is not yours”

  1. Britt says :

    I think you’re doing a great job Elena. The more you blog, the better you’ll be. Keep at it!

    • eloradaphne says :

      Hi Elena,

      Can I just say something? I am an ESL teacher, so I will talk to you as an ESL Teacher – not a reader. Your English is very good. Extremely good. Yes, there are a few grammar mistakes (not many spelling mistakes actually, I think the spellcheck catches any of those)and you know what? Some of those grammar mistakes are mistakes that even mother tongue speakers make! You do make a few mistakes that foreign speakers make but this is natural. How long have you been in Canada? How long have you been really studying English? You have a good level – and just because you find yourself at a bump in the road does not mean you have to give up. This blogging exercise is the best way to learn. A language is like a muscle if it is not used it atrophies. Use English, build it up, write in it every single day and it will be stronger! If you like you can send me things in English and I will correct them for you – as a teacher explaining the reasons for your mistakes. It might not be a writing class but it can help! Keep it up!

  2. rubybastille says :

    Don’t give up. :) I would call myself a writer too, but I have the benefit of being able to write in my native language. It takes an incredible amount of willpower and motivation to write regularly, but even more to write in a language that’s hard for you. Many of my friends studied or worked abroad in a country where they weren’t fluent in the language (in Japan, France, Austria, etc) and had the exact same problem you’re having now.

    Whew, sorry this is so long! Keep writing and keep practicing! I think your English is better than you think it is. I read some of your recent posts and I only saw a couple very small mistakes. Besides, your English will only get better the more you write!

  3. Moniba says :

    :) English is not my first lanuage either. Mine is Urdu, quite different from english, different alphabets even. But I love writing and talking to the world, which is only easy in English… btw, you are doing a great job… <3

  4. viviene says :

    hi elena. =) English is not my 1st language too.. but in our country, English is widely used so I get to practice a lot. And right now, I’m working in an English Institution so I need to be good at it. I guess it just takes practice, and you being there in the States and surrounded by English speaking people is a big plus!

    Don’t worry about making mistakes. When my attention was called for a slight grammar error once, I felt very embarrassed but afterwards I felt like it was actually a good thing. It has helped me become better. =)

    Just keep writing. =)

  5. nrhatch says :

    I agree!

    If I tried to write in French, Spanish, or Italian, it would not sound nearly as smooth . . . unless I was merely asking for another glass of wine.

    I write posts on the idiosyncrocies of the English language at times. They might help you learn a few more of the ins and outs.

    Here’s a few links. The rest of my posts for Word Nerds are under Word Play:







    Write on!

  6. Fragolina says :

    I find your English very good, good enough to blog. And I didn’t see any grammatical mistakes. Plus who said that English is the mother language to all bloggers. English is not my mother language either, not even french, but I do very well with them. And you are doing fine also. Reading more, listening more will also do good. I like that you are Italian, I’m soo interested in everything that is Italian, I even speak some Italian, And hopefully next year, I’ll be heading with my husband to Canada. I liked so much your post “Tired of fake Italian” and I found that you expressed your thoughts very well. Keep writing and expressing what you love. we’ll stay in touch.

    • ElenaSC says :

      Fragolina, (I love your nick name!) thank you so much for the support! This is exactly why I was feeling bad, because you guys are so great and I want to be able to give you the best!

  7. bendedspoon says :

    You’re doing good!
    English isn’t my local language too
    and I don’t worry much on grammar.
    I write whatever is in my heart
    and not to please at the risk of losing myself.
    I’m past that stage already
    – so sad to lose thyself.
    Just write the way your heart sings! :)

  8. katia68 says :

    Ciao Elena. I know what you mean. My blog is in English because since I was 18, up to now(42)I lived in Minnesota. My whole family and friends are there. Since July I moved to Italy to take care of my mom(complicated situation).I have read some of your posts,the one where your heart,and soul are more evident. That is what I care the most. You can write a grammatical perfect post but empty,aimed to get traffic,and very commercialized. I prefer a few mistakes but honest, straight to the heart. That’s me. Keep up the good job with your English.

  9. Margaret O'Farrell says :

    I’d absolutely agree with Britt. Elena you are doing a great job – just keep at it. It works! Enjoy it!

  10. Anja says :

    Hi Elena,

    I think you are doing a great job and it would be a loss to all your readers if you would stop writing.

    English is not my native language either, and like you I make mistakes when writing. But who doesn’t? Even natives are not perfect. In my mother tongue German I have probably more ways to express myself, and like you I was brilliant with essays during school time and my family was proud of me because of that. Now they are proud because I mastered languages like English, Swedish and French to a very much usable level, and because I live abroad (first five years in the UK, and now since almost three years in Sweden). So your family must be proud of you living abroad and having mastered a different language, too? And think of all the English speaking people around you who dream of speaking and writing Italian up to the same level you do with English.

    I also find that each language allows you to express yourself in a different way, it allows you to experiment and thus opens a whole new world to you, doesn’t it?

    I am blogging in English since it allows me to get in touch with loads of interesting people all around the world and it let’s me stay in touch with all the friends I made over the years, who are in different places around the world, and whose native language often is not English either.

    Do we own a language or does a language own us? I feel it is a bit of both. We use second languages in a different way than natives do. And by doing so, we also shape a language. Do you know how especially English as the world’s main international language got shaped during the centuries, by people from different cultures all over the world? How much influence other languages had on English due to i.e. the colonial history or simply because the English speaking natives themselves considered words from other languages to simply be more descriptive than any word in their own language? Example being the German “kindergarten” or all the French influence in Britain after William the Conqueror entered the country in 1066.

    English is probably the one among all languages that people will be able to influence most. There is also a really good book on this I would like to recommend: Melvin Braggs “The Adventure of English”. It is a great read and will definitely give you more confidence for your writing, because the book’s core question is, whether there exists such a thing like “THE” English language. Obviously one can always improve and change ones writing style, regardless in which language, but I am really convinced that you already found your place there and that probably none of your readers (including myself) would ever have wasted a single thought on whether you write well enough or not. Please correct me if I am wrong, anyone.

    To my mind you have a great writing style, you write about interesting topics plus you live in an English speaking country. From personal experience I know that it is a huge benefit to be surrounded every day by the language one writes in.

    It seems that the only standards you feel you have to live up to are your own :). I am perfectly happy with how you write and what you write about, you share interesting thoughts and get people involved in discussing them. Not every blogger manages that. And I am pretty sure that I am not the only one thinking this way ;).

    Have a great weekend!

    • ElenaSC says :

      Anja, thank you so much. As I wrote before, the support of my readers means a lot. You guys are great and with this post really gave me the energy I needed to write with no fear.
      I will do my best for you!

  11. carldagostino says :

    I did not see errors here. The hardest thing when writing in second language I think is to create meaningful similes and metaphors which really enhance a piece rather than mere colorful adjectives. Making a pun or a joke in the second language may take time because what is funny in one language may leave the listener with a blank state in another. After a while it will come as natural as paying taxes(I think most Europeans would recognize that sentence as a joke, right? Especially in the hard times in Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Greece and the French want everything without paying for it as well.As your time is limited I would suggest for this year write a little less and read English novels and watch comic movies(not sit coms) a lot more. I am second generation Italian and live in Miami, Florida. I am Roman and Sicilian mix with a drop or two of Spaniard blood too. I invite you to visit my yesterday’s post re Italian Christmas tree decorations hand made by myself.

  12. bagnidilucca says :

    I love your blog! I think your English is excellent. I could never write in Italian and I have been learning for 7 years!!! Please keep blogging.

  13. Dmbronson says :

    I have read several of your blogs and have enjoyed their content. You have a natural ability to write creatively and grab your readers attention. A strong voice in your content! I completely understand the lack of time you have to attend a writing class, but have you considered an online class? I recently took a creative writing class through Gotham Writers Workshop and it was excellent! The instructor’s create assignments that teach you to “show” your audience your story as oppose to tell your story. This type of course may provide you with exposure to figurative aspects of the English Language that will help transition your thoughts from Italian into English. While you are your toughest critic, your writing is VERY GOOD and I enjoy reading it! Keep writing and I look forward to your next post!!

  14. Ilaria says :

    Well, Elena, I perfectly understand your “fear”, because it’s mine, too.
    It’s probably common to everyone who speaks and writes his own language VERY well and has to speak or write in a different language.
    Words simply seem not to fit right. You can’t seem to find the right word, the one that says EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes sentences have something that doesn’t sound exactly right and you can’t understand what it is. And if you’re used to juggling words any way you want, that bothers you.
    What i can say is that it probably bothers you much more then it does your readers :)

    Am I right if I say that you are probably asking english mothertongue readers to correct your mistakes? :D

  15. waterguy says :

    Hi Elena,
    In your Chef analogy, I would recommend the chef first learns how to boil an egg, as taste buds aren’t so forgiving ;)
    Your writing is honest and correct grammar is nowhere near as important as being real. People read blogs to connect with authentic people writing from their heart and you do this well.
    Have you maybe tried blogging in Italian about your experiences in Toronto for people who can read Italian? A simple translate widget could allow non-Italian readers to then get a feel for your writing and respect the fact you can write in both langauages.
    Best wishes
    Neil T

  16. Michael says :

    yes yes, your English is great. I can tell an Italian is writing it. But it makes it unique. You are perfecting it more and more. I just read some of your earlier posts and you certainly are sounding more natural in your English expression. I like your blog because it’s so random and genuinely engaged with your topics of choice.

  17. tokyo24 says :

    What can I say Elena. except your English is very good!
    I don’t think you have anything to worry about, your post are written well. In fact I was born in the UK and my English is poor! My teachers have told me I’ve always struggled, so for someone like you to write consistently with very few mistakes is awesome, to be honest I can’t spot any mistakes. I guess I don’t have a blog on word press because I too feel scrutinized, so I log in now and then, as I know I can’t write very well. However here you are putting your doubts aside and proved yourself wrong by keeping up your blog. So I think you should carry on and just enjoy it and not make it a chore, after all aren’t blogs supposed to be free in writing how you want, not how you think it should be. I’d Google well done in Italian to you but I have to go now -)

  18. jeffstroud says :


    I think you have worded this wonderfully and used the language, English very well! I would not have know you did not write in English.
    It is good to ask these question? Yet know that you are doing a great job of writing, plus when you are doing something that you love, the struggle is less so and you and your readers get to reap the benefits of your passion to create.

    I am Love, Jeff

  19. Natalie Joan says :

    I think you are doing remarkably well for a learner. I couldn’t possibly blog in French or Gaelic (languages I am learning) as well as you are in English.
    If it makes you self-conscious, have you considered stating in your bio or introduction that you are a learner, and this blog among other things is a place for you to practice your English?
    I don’t know how well that would work, but it could be a reason to read more, for some readers who might have turned away thinking you were careless with your spelling and grammar.

  20. occasionallyserene says :

    You are doing a fabulous job. I am sure that all of us have read native writers who are far less articulate and grammatically correct. Keep up the great writing and before long you will have to remind your readers that English is a second language because they will not be able to tell that from your posts.

  21. Luna says :

    I’m an Italian blogger too, and I can understand your frustration, but the thing I know is that it’s not the perfection of the language that matters, is the efficacy in bringing your message and your emotions to the reader. You’re doing a wonderful job at that, so don’t give up and you’ll see we’ll both get better the more we practice writing ;-)! Love your blog!!

  22. ragazzambulante says :

    Ciao Elena,
    I want to be totally honest with you: Your English is GREAT, definitely better than my Italian (I’m sure you’ve been in the English-speaking world longer than I was in Italy). Your desire to improve is wonderful, and just because you’re not perfect shouldn’t discourage you, because what you’re doing with the blog is exactly what you need to do. It is giving you a chance to write, produce in your B language, look it over, catch any mistakes… it is something very basic and essential to the learning of a second language. Don’t be discouraged, because as you can see, all of us who have responded are behind you 100%! Forza! You’ll get there!

  23. GrassDitch says :

    Your writing is engaging, and it flows well. Yes, there are some small mistakes, but in comparison to quite a number of people I can think of, whose first language is English, your writing is very fluent.

    Since I started university I’ve met quite a few people who speak English as a second language. What I notice, more often than not, is that they’re more attentive to how they speak and write than first language speakers. They take care to learn a language properly, which is something a lot of mother tongue speakers don’t bother to do.

    In short, continue. You can continue to develop your English, while we can have something good to read. :)

  24. The Gates of Lodore says :

    Don’t worry whether you get viewers or comments, because it’s probably not your writing that turns people away. As I have learned, getting visitors to your blog is more about key words and subject material than writing style. And, don’t take it personally when people don’t comment as it doesn’t mean they find your writing skills inadequate.

    For example, the busiest post on my blog describes where to find geodes in Arizona. I estimate that page alone brings in 1/4 of my visitors. I’m sure many have used my instructions fo find geodes, yet NOBODY bothers to come back to my blog and post a “thank you”. I don’t take it personally, because I recognize I blog for myself, and not to solicit attention. I do recognize, however, that visitors and comments provide motivation to post more often.

    So keep it up. Blog in English as a means of improving your voice and skills. You are doing a fine job.

    • ElenaSC says :

      Yes, I know what you mean. I don’t really know much about numbers so I’m not sure if I’m going well or not. What would me an average for a 6 months blog like mine?
      But I found great readers/friends, and getting feedbacks really means a lot!
      Thank you very much!

  25. monica cesarato says :

    Just one thing to say: Brava! And I can truly and deeply understand you since I am in the same situation as you! Well done!!

  26. Mike Coyle says :

    Your blog is very interesting. Keep it up. I understand how much effort goes into writing each post when you are so busy. Your English is fine, not many mistakes at all.
    Look forward to hearing more from you.

  27. honeybeeluvsjackfruit says :

    Elena, please believe that your English is absolutely good. I love the way you express youself. I don’t even read many blogs other than foodie ones, and yours kept me here for more than 30 mins the first day I stumbled across it, and I vowed to come back for more. Im intrigued to hear more about you, your experiences, your point of view, and your food/recipes of course ;). I’m not even a good writer (imo), though I am particular about my own grammar in real life, Im lazy about it online! A lot of English speakers have worse grammar and spelling than you (I didnt even notice your mistakes) and that is not what keeps anyone coming to a blog either. Its the heart and soul that you put into it. I truly hope you keep writing! We bloggers all get negative comments sometimes, try not to take it personally.
    P.S – its boring to read something too ‘perfect’! Dont stress!

  28. Alessandra says :

    I wrote a long response… but at the end I deleted everything because I thought that it all comes down to one thing:

    Why are you blogging?

    Don’t need to answer to me, or anyone else except yourself. Many bloggers go through this stage, would it be grammar, photos, contents, money, or the need to be seen. Or any other reason.

    The answer should matter to you only, to continue.

    And then, we never judge the people who answer to us with broken English, Italian or any other language!

    Many XXXXX


  29. Simon Herbert says :

    Elena, you are doing a fantastic job. Your dedication to writing will overcome any small grammatical mistakes you make – and believe me they are only the odd small mistakes (trust me – I’m an English teacher!) If people turn away from your blog because of some written mistakes then don’t worry because you didn’t want them as readers anyway! Personally, one of the great points of the ‘blog-world’ is the variety of people and ideas you come across. I like the communication and the ideas; if I want to do some english marking then I have plenty on my desk! Keep writing. I can assure you that my Italian isn’t good enough to write blog posts with ;-)

  30. Kathy says :

    Elena, I studied a little bit of Spanish over the years and think you write in BEAUTIFUL English with very few mistakes–compared to what my Spanish writing would like like. It would look like baby scrawlings, lol! Keep blogging. No matter what anyone says. No matter how many hits you have. Blog because there is something inside you that whispers, “Blog in English, dear Elena.” Listen to that voice and smile if a few others join you to share.

  31. Sera says :

    The more you write the better you’ll get.
    I enjoy reading your posts and your English is fine.
    Keep writing!;)

  32. Carina says :

    Elena! You’re doing a great job!! English is not my first language as well and I try to write my posts in english on my blog like you…I think it’s important to write in a different language, cause I can share my opinion not just with brazilian people…and it’s good for me to practice my english ;)

    Keep going!!



  33. commonweeder says :

    Elena – I thought your English was fine, but I agree that writing is hard. It takes discipline to write regularly because so many necessary tasks take up our time and energy. However, it seems you have a passion that drives you to write which means your passion will drive you to improve which is what we all hope for whether we are writing in our own language or not. We want to more forcefully describe our world and our reactions, our thoughts and understandings. It take time and perseverance, for us all.

  34. davide says :

    1. your english is fine. better than most english speakers’.
    2. you have two languages (at least). why not use both? would a few posts in italian here and there be a real curse? or even a few lines in italian within a post?

    you are (imho) in a privileged position, at the nexus of two cultures…use them; and since you’re consitent (and interesting) in your use of the blog tool…you know, go wild!
    p.s.: since this is the interwebs, and everybody’s perfectly protected and anonymous, and you’re italian, it really is super-important for you as a non-fascist (i assume) italian immigrant to raise your voice, in any intelligent way you can, on any subject. sorry for being political. people (including italians) should know about italy (see films “op genova 2001″ and “draquila”.

  35. georgette says :

    you have 62 (now 63 ) comments so you are doing something right!!! i love the way italians speak english, and the way you write makes me want to check your blog constantly to see what elena has been up too even though we have never met. do you have a blog in italian too?

    • ElenaSC says :

      I don’t! I have never written for anybody beside myself (and beside for school) so when I decided to have a blog I wanted write in English. Also it was a good reason to write more and improve!
      All the comments that I got with this post really warmed my heart! They mean a lot!
      The reason why I wrote this post it’s because I really value my readers and I needed to have their honest opinion.
      So, as you can see… I didn’t quit!
      Thank you so much!

  36. 4myskin says :

    I just stopped by your blog, but if I may comment: if you had not said that you’re Italian, I would not have known you were not a Native English speaker and writer. Your thoughts are clear and well worded, and there are very few and minor mistakes. I’m sure I make more just writing a facebook post. Please keep writing, I would love to keep reading your perspective.

  37. Jim says :

    I spent a summer in Germany when I was 16. I was at the time functionally fluent in German — I could get along with the natives in their language just fine. I even dreamed in German. But when it came to really expressing the inner me, I could never make German truly work. There were concepts that I could only really express in English.

    On the other hand, to this day (twenty plus years later) there are concepts that I can express best in German, because I encountered them for the first time when I was in Germany and grappled with them in that language.

  38. styleonia says :

    I’ve started a blog in foreign to me language myself, so I could improve my English and get better one day in future. I don’t think anyone will judge you for that as long as you’re making effort to learn new things.
    I couldn’t understand a word in English a few years back and I’m not shy to remind my readers that my English is poor, but I am willing to improve.
    You’re doing a great job here and as long as you’re happy with it, just keep going!

  39. frenchappetit says :

    I am glad that you wrote this post. I am French and I sometimes ask myself the same question: should I stop writing blogs in English as it is not my first language? I started a couple of websites recently and I was struggling between switching to French language or not. Then I decided to continue in English otherwise I would never progress in my writing skills. We also learn from our mistakes if other people also help us see where they are.

  40. Roda says :

    Hi Elena,
    Just always keep writing and you will get better and better at it and a time will come when you think to yourself…gosh how silly of me to have thought that. Besides it sounds so sweet and ooh lala to sound continental. Its more important to be able to get your thoughts on paper and worry less about grammar. just be yur natural self ….look at the number of friends who have stopped by to encourage you !!

  41. Rita says :

    I perfectly feel the same. Exactly the same as you. English is not my first language, I’m not mother tongue and I have studied English at school like everyone else. But strangely, when I write in English everything comes so easily and smooth. Who knows why? Anyay, I’m so glad to have found someone like me, I mean an Italian writing in English. It makes me feel I’m not that strange. :P

  42. Tina says :

    Dear Elena,
    here I am with my personal contribution. Due to an overload of work I do not have much time to blog and am sorry because it’s a great way of communicating. As for your blog, everytime I can read one of your posts, I always find interesting topics, written in a pleasant way and able to arouse my interest and make me feel like participating in the discussion.
    Though I’m Italian just like you, Elena, I’m a translator. So, I’ve been studying English also from the perspective of those “behind the curtain” (i.e. at a meta-level) and can really understand how you feel. In my point of view (i.e. Italian mothertongue with advanced knowledge of English which has nevertheless NOTHING TO DO with my mothertongue) your English deserves YOUR respect because I’m afraid to notice that the only one who does not consider it as it is are just you.
    The more you’ll aim at new targets in your knowledge of a foreign language the better you’ll be able to “feel” it but, please, do not believe that you’ll ever “own” English like you do with Italian as it is humanly impossible. Because one’s mothertongue is a boundless heritage of everyone which can be surely flanked by the knowledge of other languages (be so deep and extensive as possible) but cannot be replaced by each of them nor reach the same level.
    Definitely, please go on with your warm and nice blog, go on loving English and giving us new prompts of discussion!
    I appreciate them.

  43. Olivia says :

    Hey Elena,
    The more you write, the better you will be at it..
    What readers like me want is a great narration- that you easily master. You have a unique story telling way! That’s what is appreciated the most. That said, it does make a difference if you have a good command over the language you may be expressing in- As I said- the more you write, the better….

    So what’s important is to write, and to be able to bring out a story of what you are expressing. I mean- narration.

    Wishing you all the very best with writing and Life in general too.. :)
    Wishing you a beautiful 2011..

    Hugs xoxox

  44. Aidyl says :

    For someone who’s just learning English, your’e doing fantastic. You can’t get better if you don’t make mistakes. :-)Don’t be afraid of punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, or anything else. Reading it and writing it is enough. Also, your writing voice has transitioned exceptionally, I can hear you saying these words, although you’re hundreds of miles away. :-)
    Keep it up!

  45. heidit says :

    I have a few thoughts on this and I hope you find they are relevant to you. First, your English is really good. Sure, there are a few errors here and there, but as you practice, those will go away, and they’re not terrible mistakes. Your readers still understand what you’re saying.

    Second, your English on this blog is better than a lot of English on the blogs of people for whom English is their first (and in many cases, only) language. You have a wonderful writing style. Perhaps you can use this blog to encourage other writers for whom English is a second language, to give blogging a try.

    Keep at it. You have a fantastic voice and I’d hate for it to disappear from the blogging world because you are self-conscious.

    Third, it’s fantastic that you care so much about giving your readers what they deserve. But don’t let that stop you from writing in English. From what I can see, you’re doing a great job. I will certainly continue reading your blog.

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