Stuffed zucchini simple recipe

You do not need to be an expert chef to make delicious food. There are some recipes that are very simple and tasty.

Today I am sharing with you another Italian recipe from my kitchen in Italy: le zucchine ripiene, stuffed zucchini.

800 gr zucchini
400 gr mince beef or pork
2 eggs
chopped onion
4 tbs parmigiano cheese
4 tbs breadcrumbs
olive oil

Cook zucchini in boiling water with a little salt. Cut them in pieces about 1 inch tall and empty them with a teaspoon.

In a pan cook the onion and the meat with some olive oil and salt. When cooked, add the internal part of zucchini. Turn off the heat and add also 2 eggs, parmigiano cheese, and breadcrumbs. Add salt if needed.

Fill the zucchini, and if you have some leftover you can also make some meatballs (usually it’s the best part!)

Bake  in 200°C oven for 30  minutes.

Buon appetito!

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4 responses to “Stuffed zucchini simple recipe”

  1. Lisa says :

    Ooh- delicious and it looks pretty too! When I have garden zucchini again I’m going to need to try this.

  2. bagnidilucca says :

    I love a stuffed zucchini.

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