“Jersey Shore” in Italy – Enjoy responsibly!

I just read that Jersey Shore season 4 will shoot in Italy this spring, and no, I’m not happy!


Jersey Shore (TV series)

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Now, please let me say something.
I agree, in TV there is – possibly – much worse.
I agree, everybody is absolutely free to watch and like any TV show.

I actually don’t have anything against Jersey Shore as TV show, but it really bothers me A LOT the fact that they define themselves as Italian. Not only they depicts false image of Italians,  they actually represent a nasty and strongly negative Italian stereotype, and they do it well.

MTV said that the reason why is sending the cast to Italy is obvious: Jersey Shore is nominally about Italian-American culture and you can’t have Italian-American culture without Italy. So it’s sort of like they’re returning to their homeland.
The media also wrote that the cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by.
Please! Everybody knows that the only Italian thing they have – and no all of them – is the last name. They don’t even speak Italian, and I wonder if they can point the country on the map.

Please do not believe Italian people are like that. Enjoy the show, the fights, the yelling, but please, do not identify Italian people with them.

And if I’m wrong, I’m asking to you Italian-American people: how many of you feel represented by them?

Well, at least now, those Jersey guys will be actually able to go to Italy – no that I care, but, you know…since they believe they are Italian…
I hope this new season will be able to show that they are not Italian at all, they do not belong there, and I’m pretty sure won’t be easy for them to interact with even the worse Italian tamarri!

Media also reported that the cast reacted very well to the news – yeah! They are going to Italy! Hello?! – but I suspect this has nothing to do with finding their roots. They can probably do their fighting, drinking, yelling and more everywhere, like they showed already.

Will happen something different in Italy?
Let’s see. I just think they need to be careful, calm, not to look for trouble. I know a couple of people who would have something to say about their hair and tan. So won’t be a smart move for them to say they represent the Italian-American people, at least for the 10 millions people who every week watch the show!

Enjoy the show responsibly!


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11 responses to ““Jersey Shore” in Italy – Enjoy responsibly!”

  1. Paola says :

    Elena, I’m first generation Italian-American, born and raised in California by Italian-born parents, and I’m about as different from these fools as you can get…and so is every other Italian-American that I grew up with. They are truly an embarrassment, not just to Italian-Americans, but all Americans. But I think Italians are smart enough to understand they are part of trash tv. After all, they have some pretty bad shows in Italy too.

    • ElenaSC says :

      It’s true, our TV show are terrible! I just hope that people that don’t know Italians, Italian culture or Italian people realize that we are not like them at all!

  2. Greyt Vegan Life says :

    No worries. I don’t think anyone with half a brain would consider the cast a realistic representation of actual Italians. I shudder to think that Italians born and now living in Italy (someday I will visit that beautiful country!) will assume that the cast are an accurate representation of Americans! Honestly, I’ve never watched an episode. The snippets that I have seen were enough to kill any desire to do so! Why do we (the “collective we”, that is) glorify bad behavior?!

  3. ME *Justin says :

    Believing all Italians are like that is like believing all people from NJ are like that. (By the way, most of the cast is from NY)

  4. lmarmstrong66.wordpress.com says :

    Hi Elena,
    Well I have to say the same thing about the Sex in the City 2 movie…Kim Catrall (a fellow Canadian) portrays a sex craved woman in the Middle East and her character Amanda was quite disrespectful to the Arab culture which left me embarrassed to be North American!

    I suppose the folks from Jersey Shore will get a taste of real Italy and be quite shocked indeed. Did you know they show it here on MTV with Italian subtitles?

  5. Aidyl says :

    Stereotypes are NEVER fun. I lived in Hollywood for a while, and believe me, it’s DEFINITELY NOT all movie stars and glamorous buildings. The superstars all live in Beverly Hills and most of Hollywood is graffiti, smog, gangs, and dirty buildings.
    Down with stereotypes! D:<

  6. Paola says :

    A few years back when I was living in Florence, I met a very nice 20-something guy from New Jersey who was doing a tour of Italy. As we chatted, his exact words were “I never realized how beautiful Italians are. I thought they were all guidos like the ones in New Jersey”. Every time I think about that, it cracks me up.

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