Love is more than a Valentine’s chocolate

I’m sorry but talking about love today, Feb 14, Valentine’s Day, it’s too easy. It’s like say how much we care about others on Christmas, be scared on Halloween night or  talking about how  “acting green” is important to us on Earth Day.

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Please! Really?

I really don’t have anything against Valentine’s Day.
I am not single – actually happily married – and yes, I would love to get a nice chocolate today, but that’s all.

Valentine’s Day is a business, and we know that.
Ok, it’s an occasion to remember, celebrate, love….why not. As long as we have the right perception of the whole thing.

Personally, I talked about love few day ago. I want to talk about love tomorrow, and next week, and in four months, when nobody is expecting that, and maybe my Valentine will be really surprise.

I want to buy him something in a “non occasion day”, remember our love because is morning and I’m waking up beside him regardless of what the calendar says.

If we really need Feb 14 to talk about love, Christmas to remember of others, and Earth Day to turn off the light when we need a room, we have to really enjoy these chocolates today and eat them very very slow, because once they are gone we won’t have anything else.

Until next year!

Happy Valetine’s Day everybody!
Let’s commit today to love more often!

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9 responses to “Love is more than a Valentine’s chocolate”

  1. Vasare says :

    great post! :) totally agree!

  2. gianni Lovato says :

    Luckily, for every commercialized Valentine Day offered to us, we also have the choice of enjoying 364 (365 on leap year) “un-Valentine” days during which to be grateful for the people we love and we are loved by.
    And even when we get too old, lonely and crabby to have around someone to love, we can still be grateful for having people that we can like a lot.
    Like “Elena la Sardina”, for instance. There, I’ve said.

  3. Fragolina says :

    You are right Elena! My husband and I never celebrate this day with gifts and super-expensive roses.. why should we remember love on this day only… What we did is that each one baked something sweet, chocolatey, I did some chocolate cookies ( heart-shaped, of course) and he did a chocolate cake with bananas. The best gifts and way to celebrate this day. I remember once 3 years ago, on New Year’s Eve, I told him (my boyfriend then) Happy Valentine, coz we were so happy and we felt in love…

  4. Chloe says :

    I totally agree with you – Valentine’s is just a business and love should NOT be expressed when told to do so. I feel the same about the other days you mentioned too xx

  5. tinkerbelle86 says :

    this is so true, love shouldnt be restricted to one day a year determined by a corporate company…. make sure he buys you chocolates in may or on a bad day in september :)

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