Do you have the God gene?

When we say “I have it in the DNA” and we really mean it.


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Apparently there is a gene  that predispose a person toward religion.  Or at least this is what “somebody” told me.

“Are you serious?”
“Yes, of course! I read it on Reddit!”
“Please! Do you understand Reddit is not God?”
“Well, maybe I have the Reddit gene!” :)

Anyway, he got me curious, and I went to look it up.
According to Wikipedia,:

“The God gene hypothes is proposes that human beings inherit a set of genes that predisposes them towards spiritual or mystic experiences (…) According to this hypothesis, the God gene (VMAT2) is a physiological arrangement that produces the sensations associated, by some, with mystic experiences, including the presence of God or others, or more specifically spirituality as a state of mind (i.e. it does not encode or cause belief in God itself in spite of the “God gene” moniker)”

I’m confuse. Plus, it’s really hard for me to believe there is a connection between DNA and religion.
In fact I truly believe they are opposite.

Also, if this hypothesis were true, it would means we don’t really have possibility of choice. Like we can not pick our hair or eyes color, our skin tone or high, we wouldn’t be able to open ourselves to God in the same way somebody else does. All because of our genes!

Basically you could be a dyed blond, a sun tan salon addicted or a fake religious for the rest of your life. Hey, it’s not me, that’s what your DNA says!

Wow, that’s sad!

Even more sad if you think that everything that is genetic can be modified, or this is what science is working for.
Also, the worst conflicts have been, are and will be labeled with some kind of religious reason, which makes all this God gene thing pretty scary!

Well, if God exists, will he really put the faith on him in a little gene?

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6 responses to “Do you have the God gene?”

  1. gianni Lovato says :

    There are clear distinctions between God and religion.
    Possibly the major one is that religion needs a God, but God does not need religion.
    IMNSHO this DNA or “genetics” theory is just one more piece of man-made BS.

  2. Rita says :

    Wow! This is scary. I mean, I believe in God but I can’t believe it’s a matter of genes. I really don’t. As you say, there would be no possibility of choice. Awful. :(

  3. Aidyl says :

    That makes a little bit of sense to me…if your mind is constructed in such a way, you are more open to the thought of religion–I guess. :/

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