When nobody knows who is blogging

I don’t know about you, but I do not blog for the people I know. That’s why sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous.

I guess it depends the reasons that drives you to blog. This is mine.

I realized it was a mistake to start linking my post to Facebook because if I think about it, there is no other connection between me and my blog.

I don’t really talk about it, so people around me don’t necessarily know I have a blog.
This is because I honestly prefer getting feedback from people I don’t know, because I’m sure they will be honest and critical. (I just celebrated my 1000 comment! Thanks everybody!)

However, the fact that it’s clear who the blog’s author is, doesn’t give me all the freedom that I wish I had.

Life sometimes goes past imagination. I know for a fact that, if I were able to write everything I want, without repercussion, not only would I have much more readers/comments/tweets/happiness/shares/likes/emails, but I could actually write with no restriction about myself, the world around me, and simply life!

Am I a bad person if I wish to write the truth? If something happens why can’t I write about it? If my boss’s affair with the new intern or that loser who trys exclusively to pick up underaged girls (these are just examples)  has some kind of impact on my life, why can’t I write about it? With respect I mean, without saying who they are, but just telling stories about life.

Does this make me a bad person?

Why could writing a story – with no names, just a story – become a good chance to get fired, or fight with family members?

I’m not the one who does those things! I’m not the one who has a bad conscience! I just want to be free to take one’s cue from life around me.

If you read a story about somebody cheating on his wife, you do not think: “OMG! This is my sister writing about our friend”! You just read it and maybe see some of your own experiences in it.

I just wish my blog was anonymous, to talk about me and the world around me, to say things that everybody knows and everybody talks about…. behind everybody’s back!

That would be fun! Am I horrible?

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7 responses to “When nobody knows who is blogging”

  1. Single Malt Monkey says :

    I think just a hint of identity is fine. You could always start another blog and write completely outrageous things from an anonymous and genderless point of view. It would be an interesting experiment and you could pull it all down if got too hot….

  2. Fragolina says :

    It is better to be anonymous when blogging,( from my point of vue, I prefer to) but I think you’re doing well, the posts you’re writing are harmless and thoughtful. And if anyone felt “targeted”, it’s their problem, you are free to talk about anything you like, that’s the purpose of blogging.

  3. eloradaphne says :

    no you certainly are not a bad person! And even if you aren’t anonymous you shouldn’t be afraid of speaking your mind. I know many people who do so, every day, you don’t need to worry about what people will think – a blog is for you to share your thoughts and feelings, so use it!!

  4. becelisa says :

    this goes back exactly to what i was saying the other day. i write for me. exclusively. and though there are hints and suggestions to my identity in my blog i don’t advertise that i write it, i never use real names and i do maintain a high level of anonymity. but i had a rude awakening a few months back when a guy i met through a friend somehow found and commented on my blog. i know our mutual friend didn’t lead him there because even she hasn’t read it. i suspect i know how he found it and i fixed that. and i really don’t mind him reading. but i do worry about coworkers or maybe a new guy i’m dating. some of it might be a bit more than i want to share. so i do find myself censoring the extreme and worrying about the maybe. and sometimes it sucks.

  5. gianni Lovato says :

    Hopefully you will not mind my saying that it would be a bad idea. Have you ever got involved in or simply read, say, a political or social debate on line?
    Have you noticed the tone and language of most of the “anonymous” comments versus those of the people who are using their own name?
    Personally I am a strong believer that one of the major responsibilities and duties that we have as users and participants in this wonderful new world of freedom of speech and exchange of information is to be honest, truthful and ethical towards others as well as to ourselves.
    Good, bad or indifferent, it is the real me, here, on twitter or anywhere else I am and have been on the WWB.
    I am actually lying: many years ago, for no particular reason, I set up a “fake” identity for myself. When after a very short time, I realized that it was akin to hiding behind a mask that would allow me to be someone other than myself, I felt guilty and ashamed as I had seldom felt in my lifetime.
    No, dear Elena, you are not horrible for wanting to have some fun. I believe that actually that is the reason behind our Italian “Carnevale”.
    But having had the pleasure to have a glimpse of your persona, I believe that, after a few days, you would tire of it. Or start really enjoying it too much and feel even worse later on.
    Forgive my paternalism, but, after all, I AM an old fart.

  6. Laura Ginn says :

    Of course you are not a horrible person. From what I have seen online there are two different types of blogs. There is the type like you write which is personal and almost like a diary. It is the type of blog that you are having to be careful what you say because of people that may know you and read it. I often wish I could have people that I don’t know commenting on my journal but if I were to put it online I would make sure it was anonymous… maybe starting a new blog where it isn’t so clear it is you would be a good idea?

    The second type of blog I have seen is one that is more factual. It isn’t necessarily written from the writers point of view and quite often the content is bought from and written by somebody else. These types of blogs tend to get masses of readers due to SEO and due to the content (not showing personal opinion) it is better for these blogs to show the owners name and/or the website he runs.

    If you are really worried I would suggest turning this blog into the second type of blog. You can still write about things that interest you but areas like fashion, sports, travel and not include personal opinions. I would then suggest starting up a more anonymous blog for your personal opinions. Running two blogs that are completely seperate can be a great thing and it is also refreshing to write in two different styles!

    Take Care

  7. tinkerbelle86 says :

    of course not, writing the truth is cathartic. i have this problem, sometimes too scared to write what i really think in case someone takes offence

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