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What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

For few days my husband (Canadian) told me (Italian) he saw an hiliarious video on Youtube he needed to show me, and finally he did.

It turned out to be a old Italian song of one of the icons of Italian music: Adriano Celentano
Beside the great video, the best part of this song is that the lyric does not make any sense, but it sounds exactly like English.

You don’t believe me? Listen up….

And by the way, yes, this is exactly how  English sounds like to a non-English speaker!!!

Let me know what you think about it!!!!

Letter to my future first child

Flower Bud

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I dreamed about you a few nights ago.

You were sitting on the kitchen floor at your nonno‘s in Italy wearing a blue soft rompers and looking at me with big brown eyes. Your dad was close to you, glowing of happiness.

I have never thought about myself as a mother, as a powerful shelter able to raise inside of me a little flower seed until it’s a bud ready to blossom.

I have never thought about you in my life. I have never thought you could be like spring, when every color, every butterfly, every melody makes you smile and re-discover what life is about.

I have never thought I would have started to think about you like I think about the salty ocean smell, the dream of a home with fireplace, and all the other things that make your heart warm.

I have never thought I would be missing something without you in my life, in the same way I thought I was never going to get married or pick up after somebody else’s dirty laundry. I guess these are things you do out of love.

I’m writing to you today, because I know one day I will hold you in my arms. One day you will be a little flower bud inside of me, and then the spring’s sunshine for the rest of my life.

Too often we don’t say things to people when we feel them, and then, sometime, it’s too late. But I want to tell you this, I want to tell you this right now.

There is already so much love for you, no matter where you are right now. You dad loves you to death, and yes, he will even if you will be a girl.

And me…. I don’t really know what a mother is, or how she is supposed to talk, or behave, or feel…. but when I picked you up from that kitchen floor at nonno‘s and I had you in my arms it really felt right.

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What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex

It’s part of my job to serf Internet every morning – news websites – and get a good sense of what is going on and how the day could be.
Beside the main and tragic events, sometime you can also find – thank God – a very “cute news” that makes you smile and helps you to get through the day.

I found one today, on Corriere della Sera.

If you are one of those women who always wonder what men think about when they don’t think about sex, you can today thank Sheridan Simove, 39, that with his 200 pages book called “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” gives THE answer.

Too bad for you men, and I guess for us as well, the pages – all 200 – are completely blank.

But this is not the best part, yet. Could you believe this 200 blank pages book became a bestseller?
The book, sold out on, sold more than Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, and even more than JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I find it a brilliant idea! Don’t you think?
The book is not available in North America yet – at least I didn’t find it – but I’m sure it will be very soon.
I have few people who I really would like to get it for!!!

The author said that it was thinking to write a female version, but then he gave up because he didn’t want to spend 10 years of his life writing a book! So true!

Please share this post with the people you would buy this book for!

Carnival on the Italian island of Sardinia

This is Sa Sartiglia in the town of Oristano, in Sardinia. A folk carnival that it’s been going for more than 500 years!

I would like share with you one of the many traditions of this island that everybody should visit.

All pictures are property of Elena_Sc’s bolg ©

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Run baby, run! (take 2) – Back from injury!

I’m back, or at least I hope so!

February wasn’t my lucky month. After I finally started to enjoy running and saw the first results of my 10k race training, I got shin splints followed by a bad cold.
Basically I didn’t run for almost a month, and since I started running in November, I lost about 25% of my total training.

I was ready to come back for a while, craving to run and getting upset for the time I was wasting, in top of everything, because of the cold.

I bought new shoes specifically for my feet, like most of you suggested me (btw running shoes should be more fashionable! Yes, I know. Sorry) and I stepped back on the treadmill.

If I have to be honest it feels I have lost even more than 25%. My cardio is totally off. I was approaching the 50 minutes run, and now it’s hard to finish 20 minutes!
Yes, I know, it was only the first day… it takes time…. whatever.

Anyway, I’m not writing to complain about the time I waisted in the last month, or the energy and effort I lost for no being consistent with the training. I’m writing because I’m back.

I want to run this race, and I will. I’m strong, I know I am, so I can do it.
It will take more work and time that it was supposed to, but that day, when I will pass the finish line, it will be all so worthy.

Now, that said, let’s be serious!

……..PEOPLE…… PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! My cardio is totally OFF!!!!

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