Moving 1 0 1

Great, I’m moving! And of course that “great” is sarcastic!

Just to make this straight, I hate moving, and I do not know anything about it.

In a perfect world that would be on my list: you do not need to move, ever.
If you get married or have kids you should be able to just push the “easy button” and get one more room, or a backyard, or a bathroom, or a studio, a walk-in closet, and why not, a great space just for yourself, for yoga and girls’ night….. Oh, shit! My little house is probably floating on the lake at this point!

Anyway, you know what I mean.

This move was totally unexpected, but thanks to my new attitude that brought me this year to deal with the terrible Canadian winter with my arms open (btw it didn’t work!) I can deal with this, I can make it!

Since I know there are lots of people who share my feeling about this life event (did you know moving is listed in the top 5 most stressful life events? If I thinks about it………….. Ok, no! Let’s move on)… where was I? Ah, ok, sharing! I would like to share with you all I can and all I know about moving.

Here what you need:

  • – at least three months of mental preparation (which I didn’t have)
  • – between a month and two weeks for packing (which I didn’t have)
  • – lots of patience (which I don’t have)
  • – lots of free time (which I don’t have)

Ok, let’s skip this part.

You really need:

  • – a weekend of no rain, snow, or storm (trust me, things could get worse!)
  • – lots of boxes, more than you think
  • – lots of muscles, which sometime can be replaced by friends with muscles, or even better by a God’s hand: moving company
  • – lots of patience (sorry, you really need that)

- I read somewhere you should start a list even before putting stuff in the first box, but I really do not have time for that. Also, a list of what? Of what I have to take with me? —>everything
Or a list of what is in every box? —->It’s all coming out anyway!
Colored stickers on the boxes wouldn’t work either for me: the best that I can do it’s grabbing a pen and writing “kitchen” on the top of the box.

- If you have to clean the place you are leaving, try not to leave all of it on the moving day: it could be just too much. This is why you have to consider not only the time you need to actually pack everything but also to clean up. Getting stuff in a box it’s only part of moving….

- Make sure to have enough cleaning supply, and a vacuum cleaner, so that you can clean up after the movers.

- Use the move to get rid of all your stuff you don’t need or don’t use anymore. This will reduce the numbers of items to bring with you to your new place, and will allow you to start a new fresh and lighter life. (Girls, it’s time to get rid of that old stuffed animal!)

- This will also take you back to the amount of boxes you need. Remember I said “more than you think”? In fact you will be using boxes not only for the moving itself and last-minute items on moving day, but also for items you want to give away. At the end of the packing you will probably find yourself using two boxes for old clothing to give to charity, one for books and magazines to donate to the local library, and another bunch of stuff you just want to ger rid of, or trash it.

- Stuffed your luggage with clothing, towels and sheets, and if it’s a long time you don’t use them there is also the chance you could find something inside. Remember that white top you thought you lost, and those two pair cute summer shoes? Did you check in your old suitcase? They could be there since the last time you moved.

- Keep with you your important  papers, such as documents and stuff, and safeguard valued items packing them with care.

- Collect all house keys and leave them with the new owners, your real estate agent or your ex (finally) landlord. Please make sure to take off that horrible key chain that you carryed for two years. Yes, I know, it was cute when you got it, but honestly… enough!

- Last but not least, remember to change your address for your bills, magazine subscriptions, banks, delivery of food, grocery or other items. You really want to avoid a dinner for free to the couple who is renting you old place, and even more, you don’t want her to read your Vogue!

When you are done, you are probably going to live between boxes for 2-6 months, so…. I really hope you love the new place much more than the old one. It makes it (almost) worthy. If you don’t, don’t worry, you can start everything over again.

In any case, there is a good chance you will be moving soon anyway, so…don’t get too comfortable!

P.S. Should I leave everything in the boxes just in case?

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4 responses to “Moving 1 0 1”

  1. Fragolina says :

    I can feel someone is abit stressed out here. Well, I didn’t experience any moving but I can think of it as somehitng very annoying and stressful yet it would be a time to de-clutter. Throw what you don’t need, arrange your stuff, find something you have lost long time ago. Wish you good luck and more patience…

  2. Single Malt Monkey says :

    It’s a real stress – no messing. We moved twice in 12 months last year. Lived out of boxes for most of it. Stay calm – at times of stress drink fine Italian wine !

  3. Aidyl says :

    Moving is horrible…ugh. Pack the stuff you need the most last (like dishes, towels, clothes, etc) so that you can haul them out first.

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