Carnival on the Italian island of Sardinia

This is Sa Sartiglia in the town of Oristano, in Sardinia. A folk carnival that it’s been going for more than 500 years!

I would like share with you one of the many traditions of this island that everybody should visit.

All pictures are property of Elena_Sc’s bolg ©

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8 responses to “Carnival on the Italian island of Sardinia”

  1. bagnidilucca says :

    This looks like a beautiful, traditional carnevale parade. I would love to visit Sardinia. I have just been to Carnevale in Vireggio, a different thing altogether. I have done a few posts on it – it was colourful and amazing.

    • Justeating says :

      Really beautiful pictures, totally agree with Bagni di Lucca. My friends and I have been to Viareggio, too, this year. Carnival is absolutely our favourite part of the year!

  2. Anja says :

    Beautiful impressions of the event – one would like to go there immediately!

  3. Fragolina says :

    Beautiful pictures, I would love to visit Sardinia, actually all of Italy. My dream is to stay in Italy for 2 years and travel from place to place discovering the beauty of this country.

  4. A. says :

    Soooo beautiful!!!! I’ve been to see Sartiglia once…. it’s been amazing!!! I advice everyone to go to see it!!!!

  5. Single Malt Monkey says :

    Great pictures, Elena.

  6. Brian says :

    Thanks for sharing. I’d like to visit one day myself.

  7. pawsitivelife says :

    Italy is my favourite place on earth, and although I have seen most of it I have not been to Sardinia..but now I want to! Great post

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