What American English sounds like to non-English speakers

For few days my husband (Canadian) told me (Italian) he saw an hiliarious video on Youtube he needed to show me, and finally he did.

It turned out to be a old Italian song of one of the icons of Italian music: Adriano Celentano
Beside the great video, the best part of this song is that the lyric does not make any sense, but it sounds exactly like English.

You don’t believe me? Listen up….

And by the way, yes, this is exactly how  English sounds like to a non-English speaker!!!

Let me know what you think about it!!!!

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12 responses to “What American English sounds like to non-English speakers”

  1. bagnidilucca says :

    It is a great video and it does sound like English. I can now pick up more and more Italian words and can mostly understand what is being said to me, but some still sounds like gobbledegook, just as what I say in English would sound like to an Italian.

  2. Leeswammes says :

    It *seems* real, but yes, it doesn’t make sense. Very funny!

  3. Single Malt Monkey says :

    If that’s what English sounds like to you, Elena, I’m surprised you don’t spend all day laughing your head off ! :) Is the lyric purposely nonsense Italian? If so, then you get to laugh in both languages. Fun post, nice one.

  4. thenakedlistener says :

    It’s pretty much how American English sounds like even to English speakers (at least to this one).

  5. A. says :

    Bellissimo!!! Ma quella è Raffaella Carrà?!? :)

  6. aliceintheland says :

    fantastico adriano! io ho scoperto appena qualche mese fa che gli irlandesi conoscono e vanno pazzi per questa canzone as well!

  7. gianni Lovato says :

    “Sounds exactly like English”… mmmh…really? To me it sounds exactly like an Italian who THINKS to be speaking English, Italian accent and all … if you a-know what I a-mean…
    In other words: it sounds exactly like MY English still sounds alas! (after 40+ years in this a-Country, porca miseria!).

    All in all: another good (and very funny) post. Thank you, “Sardina”!

    • gianni Lovato says :

      I ment to write “an Italian who BELIEVES to be speaking English”
      Dumb old WOP!…

      • Anna says :

        That’s exactly what I thought while I was watching the video!
        And that’s how many Italians sing famous songs when they don’t know the lyrics, the important thing is that it sounds English :)

  8. MRMESQ says :

    I absolutely love this video…it’s genius. As an English speaking attorney in a primarily Spanish speaking office, I can really appreciate the point of this video. I speak just enough Spanish that I can almost, but not quite get what’s being said…which is precisely how this video leaves me feeling.

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