Homemade natural firming facial mask

When I found this recipe I couldn’t believe it, so I decided to test it!

After the commitment to my 2011 resolution, here I am sharing with you my very first natural body care recipe.
Thanks to friends, Internet, different books and magazine, I have been taking notes and discovering a brand new world. Even just going to one of those stores that sale organic and natural products and talking with them can be an excellent resource for who, like me, it’s a beginner of “I want to make the difference”.

This facial mask is great for shrinking your pores and light up again your face.

You need:
- one cold egg white (please use a fresh large egg, not those nasty egg whites in a box that should even being in your fridge!)
- one and 1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch or white flour

Mix the two ingredients together until foamy.

It would probably look pretty liquid to you, but trust me, it will dry quickly.

Using your finger or a brush apply on you face and throat  avoiding eyes and lips. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. As I said, it will dry pretty tight, and you will probably feel itchy and unable to move you mouth. Try to relax.

I actually found it funny when I tried the first time: when it dries, you can see yourself with lots of wrinkle, and since the mask has not color, it really looks like your skin!

Rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer (do not miss my natural moisturizer recipes coming up!).

Do not store the mask, instead make it as need it and use once at week. The quantity is actually enough for two masks, so you could make it and share it with a friend!

Enjoy your skin!

For more info read her the Ingredients of natural body care and how I started this journey.

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4 responses to “Homemade natural firming facial mask”

  1. Aidyl says :

    I’m always surprised as to why cosmetics like these use raw eggs…they carry germs.
    What do you think, Elena_SC?

  2. Anna says :

    Wow! Grande, proverò questa ricetta! Anche a me piace spignattare i cosmetici in casa.
    Sono capitata per caso sul tuo blog, ma non riesco a smettere di leggere, penso lo aggiungerò ai preferiti ;)
    Cari saluti dall’Italia da una che con l’inglese ci lavora, sono traduttrice.

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