If you hate the Royal Wedding (already)

I don’t! I actually can’t wait to see Kate’s dress, and it’s not only because I will be able to say that my dress is much better!

I noticed CNN broadcast will start at 4 am on Apr 29… which is reasonable if you think it’s going to be 9 am in London, UK. But when I told my husband I was going to set up the alarm – it was a joke – I couldn’t hold it anymore, and he expressed to me how much he hate this Royal Wedding…. already.

I understand him, it’s a man thing.
Plus, I have to admit that this wedding is pretty much everywhere on TV, and since the only alternative seems to be the federal elections here in Canada, well… you can understand his frustration.

I think  there might be lots of people sharing his feelings, but it’s a big event, and I wonder how excited these two guys probably are.

I remember myself few days before my wedding! And I’m not a princess!

So, maybe, all those guys who hate this event could twist it to their advantage and propose to their girlfriends!!! – I am a genius! That is a YES for sure!!!

Could you imagine how it would be special to watch the Royal Wedding on TV few minutes after he proposes?!?!

OMG! I want to get married again!

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13 responses to “If you hate the Royal Wedding (already)”

  1. thewriterunderground says :

    Have to agree with your hubby on this one. But I liked the blog and enjoy your enthusiasm.

  2. eloradaphne says :

    You want to what?? Get married again???!!! Maybe I got married too recently, but it was a nightmare getting everything organized! I would love to get married again, but without all the hassle :)

    • ElenaSC says :

      Well, I have been married for less than a year but…. I would do it all over agan! I had so much fun and I really would like to wear my wedding gown again!

  3. Leeswammes says :

    Luckily, in the Netherlands there isn’t too much coverage of it at the moment. There is the odd small article in the newspaper but nothing too much.

    Yes, as you can tell, I really don’t care. Not sure why, maybe because it’s just a wedding, only it’s being blown out of proportion.

    Bah, humbug! :-)

    But you, enjoy it!

  4. Single Malt Monkey says :

    I intend to go for a long bike ride. The roads will be deserted. :)

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