The good part of a stress fracture

For all of you wondering how my 10k race training is going, let’ me show you something:

Sexy eh?!

Yes, exactly, not running for me since my right foot decided it was stressed and had a break down!

Dear foot, I totally understand your feeling, I’m often stressed myself, but don’t you think this is a little too much? And honestly, you had a very bad timing. It’s just a 10k race, not a marathon, and can you imagine what it would happen if I had a break down every time I’m not feeling good.

Please pull yourself together, I need you!



That was 3 weeks ago. It didn’t work. I have a stress fracture and an expected recovery period of 4 to 6 weeks.

It sucks! I can see only bad things happening to me:

- I cannot move
- I cannot going to work
- I cannot doing pretty much anything and I started hating TV since I saw more Tv shows in the last week that in the past 5 years.

Is there anything good in this whole experience? Let’s see…

- I have lots of time to think… which it’s not a good thing
- I could potentially sleep more… if it wasn’t for the pain
- I am actually find out who are good friends and who are not, which it’s always a good thing.
- I can read and write, this is a good one, and I got lots of good recipes that I can’t wait to try.

But beside that, spending my days on the couch is not fun.

I do not think I will have enough time to recover and train before the race, but I will do my best.

Lost of yoga for now, and when I say yoga I mean Yoga channel!

I hope to have good news soon. If you guys have any advice, please, I need them!

I’ll try to stay positive!

Read my running adventures here

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21 responses to “The good part of a stress fracture”

  1. Leeswammes says :

    Aw, that is awful, Elena! It looks like an enormous thing around a small leg and foot.

    Sitting around is nice for a day, but not for 4 weeks or more. Do you have a laptop? Keep it handy so you can read some blogs and write updates about yourself.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

  2. Hira Hasnain says :

    Dear Elena,

    Sometimes feet do the talking for the mind. Maybe, just maybe you needed this break. And yes, you’ll get antsy and stir-crazy but use this time to your advantage. Rejuvenate, rejoice, re-energize yourself! Wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery! :)

    • ElenaSC says :

      Thanks for the kind words Hira!
      I just was really hoping to run my first 10k race this summer, but I understand what you mean.
      I hope to get stronger!

  3. thenakedlistener says :

    I suppose you could be part-Robocop, part-Terminator now.

  4. Rita says :

    I’m so sorry, Elena! I really know how you feel like since I broke my leg last November and couldn’t walk for nearly 2 months. I had to use a wheelchair and me, hubby and 7-month-old baby had to move to my parents’ because we desperately need someone to help us. It was devastating!! I do hope you recover soon. Lots of love, Rita

  5. Single Malt Monkey says :

    Such a shame since you were doing so well with the running. Keep the faith and take care. Good rest will see you back on the road. The worst thing you can do now is run too early. Put those photograph collections together that have been lying around – plan holidays – read great books. Think of it as free rest time :) and aim for a 10k in the autumn. That will be an achievement when you do it.

  6. Fragolina says :

    Ohh that is bad…. but see the positive things out of it. you can read books, you can do things you didnt have time to do before, you can relax, write recipe notes, bake(if you can)… well, wish you get well very soon and you go back to running.

  7. poeticruse says :

    You can recover from the stress fracture and be out and running. Give yourself the time to heal completely, and you’ll be doing a 10k soon.

    You’ve got a long time to run! Whenever I think about running, or how I don’t want to miss a run due to injury, I think of all the folks in the ‘masters’ class still happily running, and realize that my long-term goal is more importantly than anything 1 week, 1 month or 1 year out.

    • ElenaSC says :

      I hope to do everything right when I start running again. Now I’m a little afraid…
      But you are right, long-term goals are more important. Thanks!

  8. alice in the dubland says :

    so sorry to hear that. get well soon!

  9. Irene says :

    Hi Elena!
    I am an erasmus student in Belgium. I started to run in April 2010. The first day I was able to run only for 3 minutes, I felt I cpoldn´t breath!! But then, little by little, everything started to get better… September: I started to run for 40-45 minutes, I was really enjoying it. I moved to Gent, where I have been living for the last 9 months… The next week to my arrival I broke my ligaments of the left ankle… But, if you think this is bad luck, at the end of October I had an accident, a van hit me whilst I was riding my bike on the way to university… My bike died, my left leg was seriusly damaged. An ambulance took me to hospital, 16 x-ray later doctors could not believe that my leg and hip were not broken! But, my muscles were. I had to rest in bed for three weeks. My leg and foot were completely black, then slowly turn to blue, purple, green… I was completely alone and it was, by far, the hardest time of my life. But, little by little, I was able to walk with sticks, then stepping on my left foot… After 2 months without even walking I felt I was suffocating all the time. I saw people running on the street and really wanted to kill them all (not talking seriously hahahaha).
    I started to run again in March. Can you imagine what I felt? It was not beginning from zero, it was minus 10! But, again running! And last week I ran my first 10k. Time: 55 minutes. Ok, it sucks, but… Three months ago I wasn´t able even to walk!
    So, you have to be brave!! Trust me, one day you will run again and averything will be easier cause you were trainning before. Good luck! I hope you will recover soon.

  10. Jackie Paulson Author says :

    Elena, you should catch up on some reading my friend. Good Luck healing.

  11. Fragolina says :

    its been long time since you wrote a post, hope everything is going well with you, and your leg is better now.

  12. ChgoJohn says :

    You’ve been away for so long now. I hope all is well with you and yours and that you are merely too busy enjoying life to write about it.

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