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Hi everybody!

I’m a young Italian writer/journalist/freelancer and I’ve been living in Canada since 2006.

My home town is in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean Sea, and – let me say it – the best island in the world!
If you don’t know this beautiful land, you should look it up and seriously consider it as a destination for your Italian vacation!

Of course I really miss the sea!!! But I love Toronto!

I started this blog on June 2010 to celebrate my passion for writing – a huge part of my life. |
I will be writing everything and anything, all that comes to my mind and that I’d like to share with you.

English is not my first language – I’m still learning – but I love writing and I hope you will enjoy my posts!

Every post reflect a part of me…

Please feel free to contact me any time…

…And come back soon to visit me!


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20 responses to “About”

  1. Lisa says :

    Thanks so much for visiting my photo blog. I have yet to visit Sardinia, but it is definitely on my list! I have only heard wonderful things and I am sure there is a photo (or two) to be taken around every corner.

  2. Arturo Guillaumin says :

    Hola Elena:

    I’ve just discovered your blog (with certain dose of randomness in this internet maze). Y have read some of your posts y enjoyed them very much. I am starting to consider the possibility of living in a mediterranean country. In a rural area, in contact to nature… in Tuscany, for example… but now I have to consider Sardinia.

    With hugs from Mexico.

  3. ReadersHeaven says :

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Alessandra says :

    Ciao Elena, ho visto il tuo nome su Sardegna Ricordi e sono venuta a trovarti.
    Sono emiliana, ma ho un pezzo di cuore in Sardegna, la mia regione preferita :-).
    Vivo in Nuova Zelanda, sono anch’io giornalista/scrittrice, infatti ho appena scritto un articolo su Cagliari per Skyward, la rivista di Japan Airline. In passato ho scritto altri articoli sulla Sardegna, anche se devo dire che non e’ facile, negli ultimi anni buona parte della promozione turistica Italiana e’ andata alla Sicilia, facendola diventare ‘di moda’. Adesso qui tutti vogliono andare in Sicilia, che e’ bellissima, vero, ma io continuo a parlare della Sardegna… continuerei anche a scrivere, ma non e’ facile trovare pubblicazioni interessate (a meno che non scrivi gratis!).

    Comunque, bello trovare il tuo blog, adesso vado a farmi un giretto.

    Saluti dagli antipodi


    • elenasc says :

      Ciao Alessandra, grazie di essermi passata a trovare!
      Che bello, dalla Nuova Zelanda! Sai che il mio sogno è proprio farmi un giretto lì? Magari ti passo a trovare!
      Capisco perfettamente ciò che dici…
      Comunque teniamoci in contatto, scrivimi quando vuoi (vai sulla pagina Contact me per mandarmi un’email) e raccontami che fai lì di bello e dove lavori.
      A presto!

  5. Fragolina says :

    I’m enjoying alot reading your blog, your posts. Interesting themes and issues. :)

  6. Sere says :

    Sardinia where precisely?

    Great blog!

  7. Confettina says :

    Ciao Elena! I’ve been to Sardegna, magnifica veramente! Mi piace il tuo blog, c hai tante cose a dirci e mi piace leggerle! Take care xx

  8. Lisa says :

    i just found your blog from “a canadian in italy” blog. love your little corner of the web. looking forward to reading more! my boyfriend (italian from reggio emilia), myself (canadian) and our baby boy live in toronto too. we now have some friends staying with us from Napoli. always nice to meet new friends in similar situations!

  9. Chloe says :

    Loved the pics you posted here – I had a friend who lived in Sardinia (not sure where exactly) but they LOVED it!!

    Have a great day!

    Chloe xx

  10. christina says :

    Ciao, Elena! I bumped into your blog by pure chance and ended up having a great time reading your posts, especially the one about italian men. I guess we have the same problem with the women/men here in Brazil, which have terrible stereotypes…Anyway, congratulations for your style. Now I’ll always check your posts! Auguri!

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