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Fall in love with the best Italian Runway Looks for this season

Here we are!

I really couldn’t wait to share with you my article published on Italian New York about the best trends by Italian fashion designers for this Fall/Winter season!

You will find all the best trends and the must pieces – from accessories to coats and shoes – but remember: you are the most important element! So don’t forget to Personalize every look!

Click here to read the article and yes, you are allowed to go shopping afterward!

To read more about Style on Italian New York click here

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Italian style at Dancing with the Stars

Dear readers,
my first surprise to you: a Style Column on Italian New York!

Here the first article, let me know what you think!
Much more to come…

“Dancing with the Stars” season 13 it’s only hours away, (premiere on Monday September 19) and what I want to share with you today it’s something a little different.

Let’s get to know a little better Elisabetta Canalis and her style, and all the reason why you should vote for her.

Click here to read the article


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The good part of a stress fracture

For all of you wondering how my 10k race training is going, let’ me show you something:

Sexy eh?!

Yes, exactly, not running for me since my right foot decided it was stressed and had a break down!

Dear foot, I totally understand your feeling, I’m often stressed myself, but don’t you think this is a little too much? And honestly, you had a very bad timing. It’s just a 10k race, not a marathon, and can you imagine what it would happen if I had a break down every time I’m not feeling good.

Please pull yourself together, I need you!



That was 3 weeks ago. It didn’t work. I have a stress fracture and an expected recovery period of 4 to 6 weeks.

It sucks! I can see only bad things happening to me:

- I cannot move
- I cannot going to work
- I cannot doing pretty much anything and I started hating TV since I saw more Tv shows in the last week that in the past 5 years.

Is there anything good in this whole experience? Let’s see…

- I have lots of time to think… which it’s not a good thing
- I could potentially sleep more… if it wasn’t for the pain
- I am actually find out who are good friends and who are not, which it’s always a good thing.
- I can read and write, this is a good one, and I got lots of good recipes that I can’t wait to try.

But beside that, spending my days on the couch is not fun.

I do not think I will have enough time to recover and train before the race, but I will do my best.

Lost of yoga for now, and when I say yoga I mean Yoga channel!

I hope to have good news soon. If you guys have any advice, please, I need them!

I’ll try to stay positive!

Read my running adventures here

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Running: when not to listen to your body

After blogging about my hard moment coming back to my 10k training after an injury, lots of you – my lovely readers – left me nice and kind tips.

I was expressing my disappointment for missing a month of training and basically my hard work to build my cardio.

What I learned from your comments, and I do trust my readers – many of them have also lots of experience in running, which I don’t – it’s that I have to be patient, consistent, and


Ok, all good, but what when your body is telling you something wrong?

The last few weeks, looking for support and a way to get back my cardio, I have been reading lots of article about running, mainly on internet: running website/forum and blogs.

The other day I ran into an article (I wish I could remember where) that was talking about the wrong signs your body can give you, and how you can beat it.

Think about the famous “wall”: is it really a mental thing? How many times you feel your legs heavy and breathing become so hard after only 20 minutes?

So you start thinking it’s not a good day, maybe you didn’t drink enough water during the day, or you didn’t eat properly. You decide to listen to your body and not to push, perhaps running only 75% of what you should.

The reality is you are able to run more and better, and even if bad days do exist, sometimes you body can just ask you to stop and you have to keep going. Use you mind to beat that feeling, tell yourself you are not tired, breath deep and slow.

So now I’m confuse.

In part I agree with what the article: if I would stop every time I feel my body it’s asking me that…. Yeah, I probably would train. There are days where I feel good, but a good 60% I have to admit that I have to push, and I get tired too early.

Especially now that I coming back from an injury, and I am very body-conscious, I understand I have to learn when listen to my body and when not.

What do you thing about it?

For now, I have a long way to go.

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Homemade natural firming facial mask

When I found this recipe I couldn’t believe it, so I decided to test it!

After the commitment to my 2011 resolution, here I am sharing with you my very first natural body care recipe.
Thanks to friends, Internet, different books and magazine, I have been taking notes and discovering a brand new world. Even just going to one of those stores that sale organic and natural products and talking with them can be an excellent resource for who, like me, it’s a beginner of “I want to make the difference”.

This facial mask is great for shrinking your pores and light up again your face.

You need:
- one cold egg white (please use a fresh large egg, not those nasty egg whites in a box that should even being in your fridge!)
- one and 1/2 teaspoon of cornstarch or white flour

Mix the two ingredients together until foamy.

It would probably look pretty liquid to you, but trust me, it will dry quickly.

Using your finger or a brush apply on you face and throat  avoiding eyes and lips. Let it dry for about 15-20 minutes. As I said, it will dry pretty tight, and you will probably feel itchy and unable to move you mouth. Try to relax.

I actually found it funny when I tried the first time: when it dries, you can see yourself with lots of wrinkle, and since the mask has not color, it really looks like your skin!

Rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer (do not miss my natural moisturizer recipes coming up!).

Do not store the mask, instead make it as need it and use once at week. The quantity is actually enough for two masks, so you could make it and share it with a friend!

Enjoy your skin!

For more info read her the Ingredients of natural body care and how I started this journey.

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