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What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex

It’s part of my job to serf Internet every morning – news websites – and get a good sense of what is going on and how the day could be.
Beside the main and tragic events, sometime you can also find – thank God – a very “cute news” that makes you smile and helps you to get through the day.

I found one today, on Corriere della Sera.

If you are one of those women who always wonder what men think about when they don’t think about sex, you can today thank Sheridan Simove, 39, that with his 200 pages book called “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” gives THE answer.

Too bad for you men, and I guess for us as well, the pages – all 200 – are completely blank.

But this is not the best part, yet. Could you believe this 200 blank pages book became a bestseller?
The book, sold out on, sold more than Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, and even more than JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

I find it a brilliant idea! Don’t you think?
The book is not available in North America yet – at least I didn’t find it – but I’m sure it will be very soon.
I have few people who I really would like to get it for!!!

The author said that it was thinking to write a female version, but then he gave up because he didn’t want to spend 10 years of his life writing a book! So true!

Please share this post with the people you would buy this book for!